Finally got a new phone...

Well, you can't really call it "new"...

Warr caved and finally got rid of his annoyingly unreliable Android phone (I'm so not gonna name drop the brand here), and got us an iPhone 4S each.

Yes.  Gag.  We have Couple Phones.  Ironically we bought them three weeks before the release of the iPhone 5, but neither of us were that excited about the new model (despite it being lighter etc).  I guess we just both wanted something reliable that all the applications we like to use would work on OK.

He bought black and got me a white one... All good!

The first thing I did was cram that baby full of photography applications, because that's how I roll right now.  For some reason I had a bitch of a time restoring my in app purchases for Hipstamatic, but retried a couple of times & now I'm all go.

I thought I'd go ahead and share my favorite three photography applications right now.  These are the ones that I use on a nearly daily basis.


Hipstamatic is by far my most used app.  Not surprisingly I'm a daily abuser of this and constantly am buying up in app purchases.  I really enjoy chucking it on double exposure, shaking to randomize the film/lens/flash combo and just pointing and shooting.  This is probably the closest I'll ever get in regards to going back to toy camera/lomo photography.  It sounds horrible, but I prefer the ease of this digital alternative.  As for taking away from any artistry or creativity, I think that's balls.   


Another app from the makers of Hipstamatic, it's basically a photo booth.  There are different effects you can apply to your photostrip.  Probably the best part of this app for me is the ability to share/save a particular photo without having to share the whole strip.  Definitely a great option.  Thought I'd share this bizarre strip I took a couple of weeks ago where my pale complexion in direct sunlight made me appear faceless.


Yet another photography app.  This one allows you to edit photos after you've taken them as well, which is something I like to do.  Especially with photos I've already taken in an app.  Over edit to hell should be my motto.  Jokes.  But here is an example of a photo I've taken from my deck outside and edited using the filter Heaven.

All of these applications are paid apps, but there are plenty of great free ones out there.  I actually personally prefer the paid ones as I feel they offer slightly better results.  I'm a snob like that.  But I also use PuddingCam which is a great free app.

80s Movies I Watched At Least Five Times

One of my favorite films of the eighties:  La Bamba (1987) is based on real events in the life of rock star Ritchie Valens,  and I guess my cousins and I watched it at least twenty times one summer in the late eighties.

It's still as fuckin' classic as ever.

Labyrinth (1986) has been whored out by scene kids far too much in the last five years.  But back in '86 when I was impressionable kid, this was as mind blowing as Pink Floyd had been to my parents generation.  Just saying.

This is still one of my favorite parts in any film ever made.

Dirty Dancing (1987) is best not elaborated on.  I was young and foolish.  Yet this still holds a special place in my heart, filed along other things I am ashamed of (ie mullet haircuts).

Can't blog about this without saying NO-ONE PUTS BABY IN A CORNER...

I have no idea why I watched Can't Buy Me Love (1987) so many times.  Even now, I can't explain it.  Why the fuck did I do this?  I have no idea...

Free to air TV in New Zealand played The Breakfast Club (1985) at least twice a year for pretty much the entire late eighties and early nineties.  They still get away with playing it constantly now cos it's hip and retro.  Apparently.  And I keep watching it....

BOOM... the only Simple Minds song I've ever enjoyed by the way (despite my fiance trying to convince me otherwise).

Honorable mentions that I've seen twice or more:
Footloose (1984)
The Dark Crystal (1982)
Ghostbusters (1984)
Heathers (1988)
Sixteen Candles (1984)

Five Movies From Japan That I Adore


HAPPY AUTUMN!  (I wanted to throw a swear word in there, but Autumn is my favorite season therefore at least deserves a non-profane greeting).

Now that's out of the way, February was daftly lacking in blogging standards.  Mainly because one day after my last post I ran out of my much raved Skin 79 BB cream.  Then had a breakout.  Then got sun burnt.  My nose is peeling... and I hate you all.... !!!

OK seriously, I didn't mean that last part.  I have some emotional health issues that I am working on right there.  LOL!.  Downside was that was out of Skin79 Hot Pink when I went to re-order, so I decided on their drugstore brand Sasatinnnie.  Problem being:  As of tracking this afternoon my order has been in a week long transit somewhere between Hong Kong and New Zealand; I have reverted to foundation ergo my breakout is getting worse.  BAH.

Anyway, back on subject, to cheer myself up I have been re-watching a few of my favorite films from Japan, because they always inspire me to think a bit more on the positive/creative side (my Jung personality profile is spot-fucking-on ... maybe I'll actually reveal it here one day).

Departures (2008) is probably the one film I can sit and re-watch without a second thought, and still be completely drawn in emotionally.  Every time I watch it, without fail, I am taken along for the ride.  The soundtrack is beautiful; the setting, storyline, and acting are all superb.  It's no wonder this baby was up for awards.  If you haven't yet seen it, and love films about finding your place in the world - or reacquainting yourself with your roots for that matter - this is a must see.

Sakuran (2006) is eye-bleedingly beautiful.  No, fuck that, it's stunning in every sense of the word.  The musical score lends something ethereal to the imagery, and the imagery is amazing to start with.  The acting in this is gobsmackingly awesome but that's because I could not tear my eyes from Anna Tsuchiya for the entire film.  She isn't your run-of-the-mill "beauty", but god I would so go gay for her.  LOL.  This film is pure eyecandy, and I would not ever hesitate to suggest it to Japan Film virgins.

Tada, Kimi Wo Aishetru (2006) is an asshole film because it made me cry.  Shitballsnfuck (cue Father Ted), this was a lovely film about college age love, and she did grow up to be a beautiful woman.  I felt inspired, despite my outburst.

Shimotsuma Monogatari (aka Kamikaze Girls) (2004).  I chose a fan made trailer because the American voice over guy in the actual trailer sounds like an ass.  Hey Distributors: Want a less annoying trailer voice-over guy?  Want someone who doesn't make the film reek of cheese? Call me.  Anyway, back to the film at hand, and in case you hadn't noticed my girl crush Anna Tsuchiya is in this one too.  Why do I like it?  It's FUN.  Fun. Fun. Fun.  Anyone who's anyone that likes Japanese pop culture knows about loli girls and yankis.   This movie perfectly tells the warped story of the friendship between these two girls who come from opposing polar extremes when it comes to cliques.   I have heard-tell that some groups out there are trying to cast homo-erotic aspersions on this film, and thus I say to them:  Fuck off. It's fun.

Ring 0 Birthday (2000) really illustrates what was lost when America decided to take the Ring movie franchise and remake it for a western audience.  What I love about this film can't honestly be expressed unless you've taken the time to watch the original Japanese Ring series films, which (for me) were alot less about shock tactics and more about the sad underlying emotions that come with a vengeful ghost-onna.  This chick was totally hated and betrayed for no real reason, and the end breaks my heart.  Does give a couple of good scary jolts though... heh.


Battle Royale (2000) wins my Fiance Approval Award.  Not only did he fully approve the acquirement of a copy for home, but he still watched it several times.  Plus he knew who Chiaki was and had a bit of a fledging crush on her.  I SO KILLED THAT....BUT NOT OUT OF JEALOUSY...  REALLY.

Beauty Products I Am Loving Right Now

I thought I might take some time out about waffling about random things and talk about some stuff closer to home.  Namely, my dressing table.  I am not a big spender on beauty products.  I don't have a plethora of products I barely use, and it is a rare occasion I have to toss out a product because it's gone off (so to speak).  I'm usually throwing out empty jars. 

I find I will come across a certain product and love it to death before finally moving on, at the moment these are a few of my favorite things:

Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream has successfully replaced my foundation this Summer.  It's the first BB cream I've bought, well the only brand thus far, so I am a little biased.  There are so many promises packed into this little jar, and to be honest I don't really know if it delivers on every one.  My skin has seemed a bit clearer, and maybe some of my fine lines look a bit better, but I'm completely impressed with it's sunblocking skills.  I've been only using this on my face and no sunburn yet.  The only thing I find is that after about five hours of wear I do need to pull out the blotting papers to control shine.  This one has a bit of a gray cast to it (check online reviews for more on that) but I find it adjusts well to my skin tone and helps keep my natural rosiness under check.

Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist is a spritz on toner that is gentle and refreshing on skin.  It is aimed at mature or prematurely aging skin.  I still get ID-ed when buying booze and I'm nearly thirty-three.  Does this baby have something to do with it?  Maybe.  But I love it anyway.  My skin feels a little bit more perked up just from using this.

Rohto Lycee Eye Drops (for contact lenses - although I only wear circle lenses at present) are amazingly refreshing.  I actually got these as I heard they could make your eyes appear brighter, whiter, and fresher.  Being that my eyes are usually the first thing to show fatigue on my body (hours in front of a computer monitor anyone?), I needed all the help I can get.  In fact I use these even when I'm not wearing lenses.  They have this ultra fresh feeling, like my eyes have been gargling mouthwash... eww.

Speaking of eyes ... Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Circle Lenses are my favorite circle lenses at this minute.  I love so many circle lenses but they hardly blend well with my natural blue-grey iris color.  These do, and they have this gorgeous enlargement effect that make my eyes look huge.  Plus they kind of freak people out in bars... which is nice.

Lastly, Vera Wang's Princess (Original) is my go to signature scent at the moment.  It was a gift from my Mum, and it's prettily feminine without being over powering.  I mostly stick to scents with a bit of an oriental, musky, I've-been-rolling-in-incense vibe, but this is pretty and I love it.  I just don't see myself every tiring of it.