I don't think that's such a good idea...

I love trawling through the capsules over at Retronaut just to kill a bit of time every now and then, and I just had to share this fucking gem of a vintage advert in this Vintage Christmas Ads for Women collection.  (God the amount of vacuum cleaner ads in there sucks so much)...

I just don't think that buying your lady love, who apparently cooks all your meals (and has access to household chemicals), a set of scales is a very good idea.

I mean, what kind of message are you trying to send with this gift? "You're fat, but before you pop some black beauties and test that new Hoover I bought you, why don't you just straight up murder my ass?"

Yeah, that sounds about right.

'Cos Gaming is Fucking Awesome

I forgot to mention, for Christmas I also acquired a Final Fantasy game... Final Fantasy XIII-2 to be exact.   I haven't played FF since Final Fantasy XII back on the PS2, so I mean it's been a while.

I had heard shit things about FF XIII, ie it's linear game play etc, but XIII-2 seems to be fricking awesome thus far, albeit I've only been playing for a week now.  I like the time travel based game play, along with the alternate futures presented by your changes.  I wish these were more changeable based on your smaller decisions but what game developer has time for that?!?

I haven't sat down to 'game' for a while ago as it reminds me of playing GTA with my brothers years ago, and since then gaming makes me kind of sad as they're far away & have different interests now so we'll probably never cuss each other for not snipering a Eastern Euro gangster & acing a bank job anymore.

But I'll always love Final Fantasy.  It's been the one true constant in my gaming lifestyle since I first came across it at FF 7.

And I just got back on board.

So I was bored, then DIY Ombre hair...

I'm not someone who can be trusted left alone with hair bleach and Park Lane gin & tonic premixes.  Yeah, I know that ombre hair is so 2011, but no-one in my 'burb has been seen with it at all so WTF... let's rock that shit out.

I used Napro's Nordic Blonde lightening kit. 

Some basic facts about my hair:  Straightened Jan 2011, Relaxed June 2011 (L'Oreal salon sraightening - XTenso).  Died with drugstore/market brand hairdye dark auburn in August 2011 & touched up November 2011.  Died Blue/Black Napro Livecolor March 2012. 

So the lightening kit had it's work cut out.  I haven't trimmed my hair in ages so the ends are pretty dry right now.  My ends are a coppery red color.  I actually don't mind the shade but have bought some blonde toning conditoner to use a couple of times a week to try to keep it from verging on brassy.

I will be reblonding in a week or so, just to give the ends a gradient effect.  After trimming my ends of course.

As you can see... my straightening/relaxing is growing out rather prettily!