IRLTN: And it's over...

I haven't posted one of these in a while, and to be honest it's not due to a lack of prime candidates for the category, it's just that I somehow cannot reconcile myself with...

... and rather go all hatorade on someones obviously blossoming love that makes me think of cheesy eighties soft-rock ballads.  Look at those smiles.  Just look.


To kill off this category once & for all I'm just gonna let bygones be bygones.  I admit, I'm not the worlds greatest Nickelback fan - far from it, but I think it's a pretty hard line to take tagging them as the words worst band.  There are a shockingly large number of shittier musicians and bands out there right now.

There are also varying degrees of what certain people find shitty music.

One last one for the road....  

Admit it, his voice in this song is whiny as shit.

Lana Del Rey

Months ago, I hated LDR.

I found her music all the samey and dirgey.  But for some reason it's grown on me like some kind of invasive weedy vine that produces spring smelling flowers.

I've actually grown to love her music.

Recently I splashed out & purchased the Born To Die Paradise Edition album on iTunes.  Got to say it's so summery that I loved it  instantly.

My favorite tracks (in order of my preference):

I'm a convert.  Not ashamed to back track on my earlier thoughts on her music at all.