Finally got a new phone...

Well, you can't really call it "new"...

Warr caved and finally got rid of his annoyingly unreliable Android phone (I'm so not gonna name drop the brand here), and got us an iPhone 4S each.

Yes.  Gag.  We have Couple Phones.  Ironically we bought them three weeks before the release of the iPhone 5, but neither of us were that excited about the new model (despite it being lighter etc).  I guess we just both wanted something reliable that all the applications we like to use would work on OK.

He bought black and got me a white one... All good!

The first thing I did was cram that baby full of photography applications, because that's how I roll right now.  For some reason I had a bitch of a time restoring my in app purchases for Hipstamatic, but retried a couple of times & now I'm all go.

I thought I'd go ahead and share my favorite three photography applications right now.  These are the ones that I use on a nearly daily basis.


Hipstamatic is by far my most used app.  Not surprisingly I'm a daily abuser of this and constantly am buying up in app purchases.  I really enjoy chucking it on double exposure, shaking to randomize the film/lens/flash combo and just pointing and shooting.  This is probably the closest I'll ever get in regards to going back to toy camera/lomo photography.  It sounds horrible, but I prefer the ease of this digital alternative.  As for taking away from any artistry or creativity, I think that's balls.   


Another app from the makers of Hipstamatic, it's basically a photo booth.  There are different effects you can apply to your photostrip.  Probably the best part of this app for me is the ability to share/save a particular photo without having to share the whole strip.  Definitely a great option.  Thought I'd share this bizarre strip I took a couple of weeks ago where my pale complexion in direct sunlight made me appear faceless.


Yet another photography app.  This one allows you to edit photos after you've taken them as well, which is something I like to do.  Especially with photos I've already taken in an app.  Over edit to hell should be my motto.  Jokes.  But here is an example of a photo I've taken from my deck outside and edited using the filter Heaven.

All of these applications are paid apps, but there are plenty of great free ones out there.  I actually personally prefer the paid ones as I feel they offer slightly better results.  I'm a snob like that.  But I also use PuddingCam which is a great free app.


You know....

I keep promising myself that I'm gonna sit and update my blog n shit, and I have no reason that I haven't done it.  Laziness seems to be the main reason here...

Well, it's a bloody beautiful, fine, winters day here in Auckland, so I thought I'd get out & about.  We ended up lost, of course, and somewhere in Waiuku Forest.  Lots of horsey type people about, but I just can't resist taking photos of trees.

I've posted more on my tumblr photoblog here.