Tony Moly Egg Pore Shiny Soap - Porelicious!

Happy Australia Day Ozzies!

I've been meaning to review this product for a little while, but I really wanted to use it for a few weeks to get a real good idea on it's long term benefits.

An ultra lathering soap with effective pore clarifying and purifying ingredients to clear pores of blackheads, whiteheads and other skin clogging impurities. With continued use, pores appear noticeably smaller with a significant reduction in sebum production. Use white soap during the day to brighten complexion, then use brown soap at night to tighten pores and refine skin texture. By Tony Moly.

I purchased this on for just over $10 AUD.  When it arrived my first impression (actually everyone in the rooms first impression) was WTF EGGS?.  The two soaps come plastic wrapped in a little cardboard egg carton.  Now one of the first things I thought about before purchasing this when I read reviews was why the hell TM, wet soaps with a cardboard storage container?  But to be honest it's been so hot here in Perth, the soap is usually practically dry by the time I put it back in the box... and tricky tricky, I lined the tray with a bit of plastic wrap.  My box is still as perfect as day one.

So that aside I want to emphasize how much I love these soaps.  While I'm aware there's really no way to shrink your pores, you can make them less noticeable, and keeping them clean from gunk certainly helps them not get larger and more prominent.  These work especially well on my nose and chin where I get alot of buildup.  They also cleared up a minor breakout I had at the time - and I've had no breakouts since!

The white soap has a really egg like scent, and the brown seems to more perfumed.  I don't find either to be off putting.  After use my skin does feel a little dryer so I make sure to moisturize straight away.  I have to say just because of this I haven't tried either as a 'mask' (where you leave the lather on your face for 5 minutes before rinsing).

The ultimate test for these little beauties was my brothers face.  My younger brother works for a trucking company and is constantly exposed to desert dirt and sand which get's in his pores.  So I got him to try this when he got back from his trip this time.  Viola!  The white soap totally did wonders really getting those pores clean.

Is it worth it?

  Of course... only $10 and I just know these soaps are going to last ages as they don't take much to lather up.

Will I buy again?

Would love to, although I suspect by the time I actually finish with them, my skin will be way better and I'll move onto some other wonder product.

I love when a product doesn't break the bank and still manages to deliver on its claims.... I approve Tony Moly.  Well played. & Shopping Review

I thought I'd take some time out to review two stores I have recently shopped online with, both are quite popular: & is the online store of a well known cosmetic chain store in Asia.  They have an excellent range of products including health care supplements and the ever sought after bath salts.  They ship to all major countries at a pretty fair shipping rate, and due to their presence throughout Asia are quite trustworthy.

Yes is the Australian domain/site for Yes Style.  They have been around for years and had many good reviews, I've hardly come across anyone having an issue with them.  They stock a wide variety of fashion goods from across Asia (namely Korea & Japan) as well as beauty products.  Their prices are reported to be higher than those of Sasa.

So now I'll talk about my personal experiences.  Note for the price reference section I will only be comparing beauty products as Yes Style does not stock the supplements I purchased, and also they do not necessarily stock the same items so I took three popular examples.

Ordered two lots of detox supplements back in October 2013.  Using their online store is pretty straight forward as I had signed up to them previously.  Chose the option of paying with my Paypal account.
Having previously used SASA I've never had an issue with their turn around time.  You often will place an order and get confirmation of it within 24 hours - but here's where it gets frustrating.  Every time I've shopped with them it's taken an average of 4-5 working days from processing to shipping stage.  And from order time to arrival I'm looking at just under 2 working weeks.
That said, I've never had an issue with incorrect products shipped, missed items, or badly packaged goods.  Everything has arrived fine & in good order.

Ordered Tony Moly soaps, My Beauty Diary mask variety set, and Tony Moly Cat Wink Lipstick on NEW YEARS DAY.  This is important to note, as when I placed my order I was alerted to a possible delay in shipping until January 3rd.  This is what I loved - communication at that ordering level - I knew there would be a delay and could live with it.  Imagine my surprise when in the early hours of Jan 02 I received a shipping notification.  Sometimes it's those small things that matter most.  Despite the holiday period my order was on my door step within a week.  Pretty Impressive.  Arrived packaged really securely, no damage to packaging of goods, however my Tony Moly lipstick has a cheap mechanism that is out of their control LOL.

Sasa currently offers free shipping on orders $29 up US dollars to AUS/NZ/US/CA.  When I ordered it was $59 USD.
YesStyle currently offers free shipping on orders $25 AUS dollars up.  Not bad!
Both companies prepare and wrap their items excellently to minimize damage via transit - NO COMPLAINTS THERE!

Tony Moly Eggpore Shiny Soap:  SASA $13.20;   YS  $10.50
My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask 10 pc:  SASA $13.10;   YS:  $14.25 (note English pack ver.)
Skin 79 Pink BB Cream:  SASA $27.30;  YS $17.10

Overall I really do think it's up to your discretion as to which site is offering the best deals at the time.  SASA has some pretty impressive sale prices and product range, that said YesStyle has a faster turn around and pretty competitive pricing.  DO YOUR RESEARCH & COMPARE BOTH BEFORE ORDERING.   They are both trustworthy and excellent companies to deal with in an online shopping environment.  That said with my experiences so far and my personal impatience I'd be more likely to shop via YesStyle due to their turnaround time.

If anyone can reco other competitive stores for Asian cosmetics please let me know.

Bye Bye Brunette

After about fifteen years plus of dying the hell out of my hair from all dark red to violet to dark brown ... why even black on occasion, I've finally decided to take the plunge and let my hair have a break from the never ending cycle of dye, dye, die.

This all was bought about by seeing my natural roots growing out and thinking ... hmm what dark brown shade now? Then realizing I could keep going like this forever - AND I'M BORED WITH DOING THE SAME THING OVE- wait is my hair naturally dark blonde?

Yes, I've been dying it so long, I actually forgot about that.

Cue the hair color remover -

Jo Baz Hair Color Remover Max

to be exact.

"Hair Colour Remover shrinks the artificial dye molecules in the hair, enabling you to simply wash them away. What’s more Hair Colour Remover does not touch your natural hair pigment so you are left with the colour which lay beneath your artificial shade."

First up, a warning - you really do need to put quite a bit of time aside for this.  Be realistic about what you're expecting too.  Just because you're beige blonde, doesn't mean it's going to remove EVERY bit of dye upon dye build up.  Now I was stupid enough not to bother taking an actual before photo for an example, but see that model's photo up there?  Yeah, I was pretty much that color with alot of red showing through.  Also follow the instructions, and definitely rinse for way longer than the minimum time!  (I went with 10 mins at each rinse stage).

PS: This smells of sulphur. Personally I can handle that smell (roadtrips to Rotorua), but you're gonna need to do this in a well ventilated room.

This product got me back to a light coppery blondish color and really beige blonde at the roots.  I think this has alot to do with the amount of red based dyes that have stained my hair cuticle over the years.  I didn't bother taking an after photo until a couple of days later - and yes, as mentioned by some users my hair did darken up quite a bit after the initial use.

I ended up a red head basically - still lighter than that dark brown, but not quite what I was hoping for.

This is so not a good photo...

OK but after just over a week of clarifying shampoo etc, my hair is starting to fade out a bit, so maybe I'll get closer to my natural shade soon.

Overall Results?  Well it worked.  My hair is definitely lighter.  I wish it had removed more, and maybe if I had re-treated it I could have stripped more color, but although this product didn't do any further damage to my hair, with it being so light my dry ends are horribly noticeable so I didn't want to go there. (As of writing I've just chopped a good few inches off - much better!)

I really want to try out their Everyday Straight next... but I think I'll wait for a long weekend since you can't wash your hair for three days afterward, which I somehow think wouldn't go down well at work.

Skin 79 vs Sasatinnie Precious Jewelry BB Creams

Thankfully my break out is finally starting to heal up, alot to do with nightly use of Bio Oil and daily use of Aveeno's Smart Essentials moisturiser I think.  But I also think steering back away from using foundation to the BB creams is a massive factor too.

I thought I'd go ahead a post some comparison notes on the two BB creams I have tried thus far. 

Skin 79 Hot Pink Super Plus BB:
- Easy pump, although hard to tell when you are actually running out.
- Packaging is a little large to just throw in your makeup bag for touchups later in the day.
- Slight gray toned cast.  I found this oxidized OK on my skin after application though, and also seemed to tone done some of my ruddiness.
- Moisturising and easy to apply.  Very buildable.
- Leaves a dewy finish (which IMHO I'm not too fond of) but sets well with powder.
- In my air conditioned office I find I'm only reaching for the blotting papers five hours in.
- No breakouts for me.  My skin seemed more refined after using it for a couple of weeks.
- Excellent sun protection.

Sasatinnie Precious Jewelry BB:
- Tube packaging, easy to tell when you're running low.
- Nice slim tube, makes it easier to carry around.  Also good control on how much you squeeze out to apply.
- Warmer, more natural, skin tone.
- I find this BB more drying than the Skin79 one.  When I apply it, it seems to 'set' quickly, making blending and layering a little more challenging.  Also unlike Skin79, the more I play with it the harder I find it to actually cover any blemishes.  It's a bit tricker application-wise.
- Semi dewy finish.  I find this sets more matte, but I still need to finish with powder as it seems slightly shimmery on my skin. 
- In my office I'm finding I need to blot 3-4 hours in. 
- No breakouts!  This BB had an uphill battle against blemishes.  The CON is that it didn't work well to cover the blemishes, and kind of stuck to them.  That said, my skin has improved alot since using it (although that would probably be also true if I had returned to using Skin79).
- Again... Excellent sun protection.

Personally I found Skin 79 to be the superior of the two.  When asked whether I would buy either of these two creams again, in Skin79's case I can definitely say yes, whereas Sasatinnie I guess I would buy again if Skin79 wasn't available, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get it again.

- Hair: Medium Blonde (although dyed dark brown atm)
- Eyes: Medium Gray Blue
- Skin: Fair, Combination, a few fine lines (32yo & blessed with our family 'young skin')
- Used during New Zealand seasons:  Skin 79 - Late Spring/Summer; Sasatinnie - Late Summer/Early Autumn.