Hola from Perth....

Well, hasn't it been awhile?

I've got a huge reason for not blogging in so long... since last time I posted I basically sold everything I owned, bought a plane ticket, and crossed the ocean to Perth.

I've been here for about four months, three of which I was unemployed and killing my savings, but oh well... I'm working now.  Still OL style, but it's a start.  Plus I think they should pay me more... *wink*

I really want to get back into blogging, but part of me wants a new start.  Then I realise how much this domain address is killer for me, and I should just go with this.

I want to talk more about shit I love, and shit I don't.  I may even take a moment to talk about actual stuff people want to read about?  Nahhhhh, F that shit.