May Mood: When I Was Young

I just freaking love Autumn and it feels so surreal here in Perth where the weather has been 50% Summer AF for the last month or so.  As someone who battles SAD, (but then again I think we all do to be honest), I often find myself becoming more introspective and introverted over the Autumn months.  It's not necessarily a bad thing - I quite like a bit of nostalgic feels, not so great when Winter rolls into town, but-! while the days a cool and the Autumn sun is crisp and clear, I enjoy the little things.

Lately, I've been really into collecting vinyl (as you may have seen) and really nice editions of my favourite books (you may not have noticed), and always with a nostalgic bent.  

Funnily enough my May Mood is a bit upbeat and whimsical...

May Mood 2018.jpg

Reliving my youth, I've really jumped in the Delorean on this one.  When I was around 8 or 9 years old, I received my first cassette player.  You could plug a mic in it to karaoke and everything.  That shit was lit AF.  Of course, my parents knew I would need some sweet tunes, can you guess what cassette they bought? No not TRUE BLUE. Sacriledge! So 30 years later I own She's So Unusual on vinyl, and listening to it takes me back to walking home from school with the Autumn leaves falling across those quite country town streets, humming All Through The Night as I go.  Later in life, it occurred to me that it was an interesting album to buy a young girl, a year later I received GnR's Appetite for Destruction (and thus my love for music was born), so I guess things all work out in the end.

May Mood 2018 detail.jpg

On the reading list is The Little Mermaid and Other Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen.  Talk about repackaging and marketing to the millennial crew ... sigh.  I'm sure when my grandparents owned a massive bound copy of this same collection (that sat on the brick hearth running the length of their living room) it was called A Complete Collection of Fairy Tales.  I could be selective in memory - The Little Mermaid was never a favorite of mine.

This copy is rather colorfully bound, but the quality of the reprint is amazing and really takes me back to my childhood.  Just seeing all the color prints and black and white illustrations (both full page and just dotted here & there!) was enough to sell this to my collection.  I do (somewhat halfheartedly) wish the cover itself had been less OMG MERMAAAIIIIDZZZZ but some months have passed and I'm warming to it.  After all, I can't shame game the cover after the Vegan bound version (I assume as its plastic as FUCK) of Dracula I purchased for its gawth aesthetic.  Sorry, I swore up there, dollar for the swear jar later...