American Horror Story: Freakshow

It's been a while since I sat down to an episode of American Horror Story.  

To be honest after Asylum ended I felt that I was done with the whole theme, and although at first I was excited by the idea of Coven, it never took root for me.  Thankfully.  Apparently it wasn't that great.

But, well, I can guess you can say nostalgia and curiosity won out, and I decided to check out Freakshow.

What I love about this series, and what makes it unique, is that each series focuses on it's own theme and story, unrelated to the series before it, yet using the same core cast members.  At first when moving from Horror House to Asylum this kind of distracted me, but then I really loved this concept.  So same goes here, Freak Show has some amazing talent on board, I just hope the story does them justice.

Freakshow itself, one episode in, seems to revolve around the egocentric character of Elsa Mars, and her flailing freak show circus.  She will stop at nothing to secure fame and fortune, using the acts she employs to draw in the crowds to watch her bizarre caberet act.  In Elsa's quest for publicity she pursues the Siamese Sisters, Bette and Dot Tattler - played superbly by Sarah Paulson, and assists their escape from hospital after they murder their mother.

Oh spoilers.

Bette and Dot are polar opposites of character trapped in the same body, but from what I'm seeing so far, both share an admiration for lobster boy, Jimmy Darling (Evan Peters).  I can already see a plot device working here as both girls are bound to come to blows over their jealously with each other over Jimmy. 

Thrown in for good mix is a horribly cute clown psycho killer who makes It look cuddly in comparison.  Twisty has something going on, and at this stage I think this is the only character in the first episode that makes me want to keep watching.  Seriously I need to know what his deal is.

First impressions are somewhat 'meh' on this.  I am not feeling the draw to keep watching, other than Twisty, and I don't think there was enough going on in this first episode to make me want to invest time in it.  

Sigh, I guess if I get bored I'll try episode two.