Head to Toe: Three Mask Reviews

Hey Zombies!  I thought I'd go ahead and share a few quick reviews on some masks I've recently tried out for hair, face, and feet.  


Purchased:  Part of Memebox Princess Edition #3 Rapunzel.

Thankfully, this mask is a hell of a lot less weird than that Lip Patch one I recently reviewed.

"Rich in Vitamin E, Argan oil us your hairs best friend.  Bring back the shine to your hair with this hair mask infused with tocopherol and argan oil to nourish damaged, dry hair with essential vitamins."  - Memebox product card.  

The first step is a very thick conditioning cream which you massage all over, then cover with the second step, a fabulous looking paper type shower cap.  After 10-15 minutes you rinse off. My bleached hair drank this stuff like wine, and it left my hair super soft.  While it didn't undo any damage it certainly made my hair look less worse for wear.

  • Simple to use
  • Very moisturizing
  • Smells great
  • Perfect for a quick hair fix before an event



Purchased:  Received in Memebox # 10

"Mainly composed of ginseng and ginko leaf extracts, this Dewytree black mask will bring deep nourishment and relaxation to your exhausted skin, soothing, brightening, and tightening all at the same time" - Memebox product card

As soon as I opened the pouch I was struck by a charcoal type scent, not that I mind that, I'm a fan of it in fact!  This mask stands apart from other sheet masks as it's actually not a paper type but more of a fabric.  Heavily saturated in essence and a pretty good fit, although I wish it had more chin & neck coverage.  I was super pleased with the results I got with this.  My skin has been going through a really stressful breakout, and after using this mask it appeared brighter and felt amazing.  I will definitely buying more of these Dewytree ones!

  • Thick quality mask that doesn't tear easily - although could have more chin/neck coverage
  • Good amount of mask essence
  • Delivers on its promises of brighter, tighter, soothed skin
  • Scent has some lingering charcoal smell
  • Mask not good for selfies (kind of creepy gimp suit looking)



Purchased: Received in Memebox Princess Edition # 2 Sleeping Beauty

Look, I seriously wouldn't sleep with these on, just saying.  

"Enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil complex for deeply nourishing and relieving roughened skin and calloused heels" - Memebox product card

Unlike some previous foot masks I've used, ReinPlatz's is so fuss free and mess free it almost seems too easy to work.  The plastic foot masks are lined with a perforated papery type lining. There is no sticky essence to deal with here.  You put the masks on and the "essence" in the lining melt and moisturize your feet.  I really like this product, and it did a fair job of moisturizing my feet.  The effect lasted a good twenty-four hours too!

  • Simple and mess free to use
  • Great moisturizing effect - perfect to improve the appearance of your feet before an event
  • Effects not lasting - a quick fix only.