Bottom of the Bottle: September & October

I was meant to post one of these at the beginning of last month too, but better late than never I guess?  I'm always interested in seeing what products people use up in their day to day basis and whether or not they'd look at buying them again.

Without further ado, here are mine...


L'Oreal Youth Code Luminosity Correcting Serum claims to visibly reduce dark spots, leaving your skin tone even and luminous.  I purchased this in August and finished it in the last week of September, so it lasted me just over four weeks using it each morning.  I really liked this product, my skin definitely looked more even & youthful.  It didn't really reduce my darker spots though, plus the effects were pretty much cosmetic only as after I finished the bottle my skin was back to normal.  I don't think I'd repurchase.

Forest Story Hair Set Spray, unlike that terrible soapy scented Forest Story spray that came in the Girls Night Out Memebox, has a definite hairspray smell.  This stuff has super strong hold for days when your hair is being stubborn, but beware, too much will leave your hair pretty much immobile

ELF Makeup Mist & Fix is pretty value for money.  It does the job OK but I prefer NYX's Matte Makeup Fix over this offering from ELF.  It mainly comes down to the scent - I really don't like this product as it reminds me of vinegar somehow.  Definitely not on my re-buy list.

Dreams Come True Bounce Cheese Cream came in one of the first Memeboxes I purchased, and since then I've been using it as my go to night moisturizer.  The texture of this is creamy and stretchy, lol, seriously it's hard to describe properly.  A little goes a long way, and as much as I love this product with its unique texture & name, I feel it didn't really do anything for my skin other than play the part of a basic moisturizer.

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer comes in a tube with a brush tip applicator.  I love this concealer's match to my skin tone, but it doesn't really help my dark circles at all.  A pity since the formulation seems so nice.


Acti-Gen Multi-Action Smart Cream Gel.  I've been using this on & off for over four months now.  This came in Memebox # 10 and is apparently (according to the product card) a truly smart cream which will deeply soothe and nourish tired & damaged skin.  I've pretty much primarily been using this as an after work moisturizer when I've got home & removed my makeup.  It's a pretty nice product but maybe it's because I wasn't using it as my regular moisturizer I didn't see any major change to my skin while using.

Blithe Rejuvenating Purple Berry Patting Water Pack.  Received in Superbox 45 Korea's Most Wanted, this was the product that initially intrigued me the most.  I mean a product I can dilute that will do the job of a sheet mask, remove dead skin cells, improve elasticity, and deliver moisture... SOLD.  Unfortunately diluting a cap of purple blackberry scented stuff and pretty much "patting" it on your skin actually doesn't do much.  I can say I felt the ritual of doing this daily along with the nice scent picked up my mood a little though.  Plus the product left a slight smoothness to my skin just after using - it didn't last long though.  Not something I'd repurchase.

Caolion Mool Pool Deep Cleanser was my go to cleanser after finishing up my Tony Moly Eggpore, but seriously I just did not get a good result with this one.  In fact I have a huge breakout at the moment which I can only attribute to my (large) pores getting clogged with makeup and such.  I stuck it out though, as I know some products can purge your skin and take a few weeks to really make any changes.  Unfortunately I got to the end of the rope with this one and ended up giving to the BF to finish up.  He thinks it was just OK.

And finally, Dr Jart+ V7 Eye Serum.  Look, I heard alot about this product, alot of good things, and having just finished up my Atopalm serum I was looking forward to trying Dr Jart for myself. This stuff lasts ages.  Like months!  While I found this serum to be just as moisturizing as Atopalms, I was disappointed to see no real improvement to my dark circles or fine lines.  This is not something I'll go out and buy, thankfully I don't have to look far for my next eye care product ...I'm going to move onto D'Ran's Aqua Wonder Recovery Eye Cream that recently arrived in the Sleeping Beauty box.