My Beauty Diary Masks

My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese brand specializing in sheet masks.  They have a bit of a cult following amongst beauty bloggers who love Asian cosmetics and skincare.  I've always been a fan of sheet masks, and while I've used a crap load of brands, somehow up until recently I've only really managed to try one variety of My Beauty Diary - Apple Polyphenol.

A few months ago I went ahead and purchased a variety set of masks and have been trying them out recently.  I thought I'd go ahead and share a mini-review of these.

Firstly I'd just like to say, overall these masks have a fantastic amount of serum.  There's so much I often put the leftover from the pack on my neck and decolletage for extra pampering.  Be warned though, the sheets can tear quite easily, and I also find them to be a little loose fitting, but I seem to have a small face.  (I prefer the fit of MyScheming masks due to their neck & chin coverage)  I usually do my masks at night, this way I can reap the benefits of glowy skin the next day.


Recommended for all skin types, but especially those with large pores.  Claims to brighten, clarify, and tighten pores.

The smell of this mask reminds my of that retro apple shampoo from back in the day.  I love the scent.  My skin is combination and I have very large pores so I had high hopes for this one.  Unfortunately it didn't really do alot in the way of shrinking the appearance of pores, however it did make my skin look brighter and plumper.  As mentioned above, I have previously tried this mask, and to be honest it just doesn't do alot for my pores.  That said it does a decent job of preventing excess oil the following day, so it's great for that I suppose!  


Recommended for all skin types, but especially dry skin.  Claims to brighten, firm, and provide long lasting moisturizing.

Hmmm, I thought this mask was pretty average to be honest, but then again I don't have particularly dry skin anyway.  It did brighten and firm, but I didn't find the effects all that long lasting.  


Recommended for normal skin (whatever that is!) but especially skin lacking radiance and fairness.  Claims to brighten, moisturize, and provide optimal whitening.

I love this mask!  While it didn't provide miracles, my complexion certainly looked more refined and I definitely got a great glow from it.  My makeup went on great the next day and I felt the effects lasted longer than the other two masks.  It's definitely my favorite My Beauty Diary mask thus far.


Coming soon: Royal Jelly, Red Wine, and Birds Nest.