Domestic BB Cream Comparison (oh & a CC)

A while back I compared two Asian BB creams, the ever popular Skin 79 Hot Pink and the SASA store brand Precious Jewelry BB.   Since relocating overseas I have been using domestic brand versions of "BB" and "CC" creams and I thought I'd finally get around to sharing my experiences with them all.


Apparently Australia's number one BB Cream.

Apparently Australia's number one BB Cream.

Garnier were one of the first domestic brands to jump on the BB bandwagon a couple of years ago.  Of course I was really excited about trying it, since I'm impatient waiting on my overseas stuff to arrive.  I've tried their original formula, combination/oil free version, BB eye roll-on, and am currently trying out their (new?) anti ageing one.

Overall I'm not that impressed by their BB-ness.  At best I would term these all as tinted moisturizers, well actually apart from the BB eye roll-on which provides a light concealer coverage and does OK at this (It still doesn't cover my dark circles completely).  While I found the runny consistency of the oil free version an absolute nightmare to work with and really enhanced any slightly dry patches on my skin, the creamier texture of the original and anti ageing one seemed to promise good coverage but only delivered a sheer tinted moisturizer effect.  

All of these had me looking greasy only a couple of hours after application, even with powdering.  I had high hopes, but it appears Garnier does not work well with my combination skin tone, and even it's lightest shade seems a bit dark on me.

That said, it may not be what I term a "proper BB", it is still an excellent tinted moisturizer with a light SPF that I may slap on before heading out to the beach for a bit of face color.


Dream Pure by Maybelline

Dream Pure by Maybelline

I have only ever tried the Dream Pure version of Maybelline's BB offerings.  This one actually gets some pretty decent reviews on Makeupalley (but so, for that matter, does Garnier).  I purchased this one since my skin was not responding well to the oil free Garnier BB, after I thought my skin had gotten oiler somehow after using Garnier's normal BB.  SIGH.  I thought the coverage on this was better than Garnier's and the Light shade was much closer to my own - I can range from NC15-20 depending on the time of year.  The coverage sets quite matte, but I was also reaching for my blotting papers before half of my workday was up.

One thing I noticed though is that it seemed to enhance a dry spot I had going on near my nose - and then make it worse the more I used it.  The 2% salicylic acid is meant to help with preventing breakouts, but I was still getting the occasional one here & there and TBH I thought this BB cream enhanced their appearance while they were healing.

Overall: Matter/thicker coverage than the Garnier, but still quite drying on the parts of my face that fall the other side of the combination skin roller coaster.


Max Factors CC Cream - pretty much the only CC I have actually tried LOL

Max Factors CC Cream - pretty much the only CC I have actually tried LOL

So at the moment I am currently using Max Factors CC Cream in Fair when I need a fuller coverage than Garniers anti ageing (which finds itself relegated to weekend/after work duty).  I've been doing so for the last couple of months.  Hmmm what to say.  Well firstly a little goes a long way.  I use a pea size drop and it pretty much does my entire face if I pat it on with my fingertips.  The consistency is quite thick and it has really good coverage.  That said it can look cakey pretty easily, so it's not good for layering up.  Also it sticks like hell to the fine lines around my eyes.

The fair shade actually can look a little light on me depending on the lighting I'm in and I find that although the finish is matte, on my skin it doesn't stay that way and I have to use blotting papers later in the day.  But when I do this the CC lacks staying power after the first five hours.

There is one other odd thing - I find that if I'm having any kind of sensitive skin moment (ie a pimple or some dryness around the nose) this stuff almost makes it sting.  I'm not sure why but it seems to exacerbate the problem.  

AND SO.... 

Basically I have yet to come across any domestic branded product that has worked well or left my skin in as great condition as the Asian BB creams I've tried.  So I've finally bitten the bullet and ordered another to try.  While the domestic brands definitely have their fanbase I'm just not one of them.  All of these have either given me more breakouts or provoked the sensitive areas of my skin into an all out guerilla war on my face.  Thank god Tony Molys Egg Pore soap has been keeping the majority of breakouts at bay lately.