Beauty Diary Masks Part Deux

So continuing on with my mini mask reviews...

Mmmm masks.

Mmmm masks.

These are the last few MBD masks I'll be reviewing for now - used them all up now!


Recommended for normal skin types, especially those with dry, rough, dark skin to enhance radiance.  Claims to nourish, brighten, firm, and moisturize.  Seriously though, at first I was a bit grossed out about the idea of this mask, lol seriously.  Birds nest.  Ugh.  But apparently this extract is great a promoting the production of collagen and improving skins elasticity.


This mask had a sort of light, sweet, kind of scent.  I kind of was surprised by this - I'm not too sure what I was expecting - haha probably something funky smelling?  As with all MBD masks there was a generous amount of serum.

After use my skin felt very cool, refined, soft, and smooth.  But by the next morning most of the visual effects had worn off, although my skin still felt smoother altogether.


For normal skin types. Especially recommended for skin lacking radiance and resilience.  For refining, revitalizing, moisturizing, and brightening ... alot of these masks have similar claims!

Well what a surprise scent wise!  I would have expected this one to be sweet but instead it had a sort of tropical scent - almost coconutty!  I got a really refreshed initial result on this one, it looked brighter and felt really toned.  That said by the morning the effects had pretty much dissipated entirely.

This would definitely be a mask I'd use just prior to a night out to reap the benefit of it the most.


For normal skin types...again!  Especially recommended for dull skin and for restoration of healthy, firm skin.  Has tightening, refreshing, moisturizing, and brightening effects apparently.

I loved this mask!  It had a kind of sweet grape juice scent.  There was alot of serum (as usual) so I used the leftover on my neck.  It really had its work cut out for it, since I've been a bit ill my skin really needed a boost.  This mask had an immediately soothing and cooling effect.  My skin was so much brighter and firmer afterward.  Alot of my puffiness was reduced.  A couple of darker patches on my skin from healing acne were noticeably lighter.  My makeup went on so smooth, and it seemed to have more staying power too!

The effects lasted all day and I think that this too would be another mask I'd rather use in the morning or before a big night out to tone and refine my skin.


My Beauty Diary has some really nice masks, all promising similar types of results and all delivering on these albeit as temporary effects.  I wonder if with ongoing use whether any of these would be long term?  It would probably cost a fortune to do this though.  All in all I'd recommend these for use in the morning or before getting ready for an event when your skin needs a pick me up.