Morning Skincare & Mini Reviews

I thought I'd go ahead and share where I'm at with my morning skincare regime at the moment along with mini reviews of what I'm using.  I'll get around to sharing a night time one soon (since it is slightly different), but in the mean whiles, here are the products I'm sticking to right now.


I was drawn to this product due to my amazing experience with the Egg Pore Soap Duo which pretty much banished my breakouts.  I wanted to try this cleanser as I felt it would be easier to travel with.  

This is a thick cream like textured cleanser with small gold micro beads for exfoliation.  Though it touts itself as a scrub it falls on the gentler side of that description.  It has a thick consistency and smells definitely like citrus. Lemon.  

I think a little of this goes a long way and lathers rather easily.  It cleanses well (although I don't think if gets as deep as the soap duo), and leaves the skin feeling clean but not tight.  It is definitely a product you could use morning and night.   As far as the Egg Pore range goes though, I feel the soaps remove more buildup, but the cleanser is easier to use.

I would also like to note, on a sideline, that a tiny bit of this product really cleans your makeup sponges/puffs well, so even if I didn't already like its cleansing ability it would do well as an applicator cleanser.


My go to at the moment for any, if any, breakouts is LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence.  I've already posted about this product and I will definitely buy again.  Thanks to discovering Egg Pore Cleansing I rarely have a breakout, but thanks to this I don't have to suffer through a full blown pimple fest.  It works. Definitely staying in my beauty cabinet.


I think I'm sold on this product soley based on its packaging, which kicks serious ass.  It reminds me of the Skin 79 BB pump, but in a spectacular travel friendly twist the pump twists up and down for easy application/storage.

One pump of this product is way more than enough for both eyes, believe me.  I've been using for two weeks now and have noticed a slightly more toned appearance to my eye area so I think it's working and will continue to use.  My dark circles have not miraculously improved but I think there's a little bit of reduction in their darkness - not alot mind you!

I think I need some kind of eye treatment, and due to its ease of use and lovely texture, this is my current go to for that zone.


I only just switched to this a week ago as I thought that my daily Olay moisturizer was a little too rich for my combination skin.  

The texture of this 'cream' is more gel like, like gel-lotion.  It applies easily and has a slight scent I can only describe as that-kind-of-perfume-type-smell-beauty-products-have smell.  It dissipates after application so it's no biggie for me.

This absorbs super well and I think it really does help a bit when it comes to sebum production throughout the day.  It is no miracle worker, but it is a very light but excellent performer when it comes to moisturization for oily/combo skin types.  I'd love to try this in its Normal skin formulation for comparisons sake.

So that's my daily skincare regime for mornings ATM.  After all this I go straight to makeup usually starting with a BB cream with high SPF.  I still hold fast that alot of anti-aging and good skincare relies on skin protection and good diet, so always keep that in mind!