Memebox Update: Gangnam Style

First up a life is WTF update.  Apparently the internets is hard to come by in the HOLY SHIT BUILT UP AREA I live in.  So I'm still working on an actual non-bankrupting & constant connection to the online world.

Secondly, I just need to share some more Memebox love.


CUE HORSEY DANCE.  Bet you thought I was gonna link the song .... right?

CUE HORSEY DANCE.  Bet you thought I was gonna link the song .... right?

This is a box I had super high hopes for and was 80 percent happy with all in all.  Most percent was lost due to the randomly selected shades etc on a couple of products that have kind of been a mixed love bag.  

Anyway here's the opening night box pic and a rundown on what I recieved with a couple of first impressions.



1. Kskin Water Queens Moisture Cream

Described as a fast absorbing moisture cream, especially to nourish dry skin, I was actually pretty impressed despite the drugstore price point of $7.   The cream absorbs easily and has a light almost herbal scent.  It reminds me of another product I've tried recently but I can't remember it for the life of me.  While it's a nice product, I decided to hand off to the SIL to try as she's got a serious dry skin issue atm, while I have moisturizers a plenty.  So far so good.  She really likes the product and finds it less greasy and easily absorbed than richer creams for dry skin

2. TPO V-Line Banding Mask

A oddly shaped mask to tighten up your saggy chin area.  No thoughts as yet as I haven't tried, but both my SIL and I will be testing out.  Look out for a review in an upcoming Mask Post.

3. LadyKin Real Like Innateline Eyebrow

LadyKin is a relatively new brand for me (Vanpire product review coming soon!) and so far I like what I see. My disappointment stems from the fact I recieved the darker Dark Brown shade, and my pencil 'lead' was actually broken.  It's still usable, but keh.  I'm actually OK with the shade now as Ive dyed my hair darker.  All in all this is an OK product, it defines the brow, and the brow brush at the other end is a nice touch.  That said I don't think I'll be adding to my re-buy list just yet.  I'm still on the fence with this one.

4. Tosowoong (MakeOn) Glam Aegyosol Liner

A double ended eyeliner with a thin brown liner and a thick champagne liner/shimmer bar.  Both are intended to use UNDER your eye to promote a youthful bigger eye look.  Not really my thing, but the shimmer bar is perfect for the inner corner of the eye for a pick me up and the dark brown liner is a good stand alone product.  I won't be buying but I'm loving experimenting with it.

5. Tosowoong (MakeOn) Dual Shaking Lip Tint

Divided into a tint and oil layer you shake before application and this shit just looks crazy.  I am so going to get around to doing a FOTD post and writing more about this.  My fail is that I would have loved the Vampire shade due to my coloring but I ended up with Orange which doesn't work amazingly on my skin.  It's OK, but nothing to write home about it.  THIS SHIT STAINS HARD.  While it is fairly well lasting on your lips, its more likely to outlast a days wear on your fingers if you manage to stain your hands.  Works great mixed with that Tony Moly Tint I recieved a few weeks back for a sweet I just ate blood gradient look.

6. Rivecowe Shine Blusher

I recieved Shine Coral.  When I first recieved this box and started drafting this post I was going to nix the shade selection on this one.  WELL I WAS WRONG.  Rivecowe is certainly a brand I want to play with more, this blush is THAT GOOD.  The packaging is simple yet cute with a little bow puff applicator (admittedly I prefer a blush brush), and the product is really nicely pigmented.  Surprisingly I love the way this looks, and I don't need alot of product to really pop. It's lovely to use and will be coming soon to a FOTD.

7. Grinf Skin Repair BB Balm

This goes for around $65. SERIOUSLY.  I fucking love this stuff.  The shade is like a perfect match for my skin, it applies well, and seriously keeps looking amazing nearly all day.  I am so doing a full on BB post on this one.  VERY SATISFIED.

So thats the Gangnam Style Box.  Overall Im pretty pleased, and have to say that Memebox is fufilling its promise to expose me to more Korean brands.  There are so many brands that have perked my interest so far!

Next up: Office Essentials~!