Office Essentials

When I first looked at Memebox, this one really got me more for curiousities sake. Office Essentials?  What do us Office Ladies essentially need?  CRAP MUST KNOW....

So this box arrived on Monday, and well... I was pleasantly surprised and amused.  FIRST UP (So not Korean, but totally a few cubicles I'd love to be working in ... wink wink)

Products?  Boy, do I have products!  First up go back and rewatch that video, lol, I know you want to.

1. Hope Girl 140 Super Lash Mascara

I love that this came in everyone's default Black shade.  I've been really needing to try a new mascara since I've been on my Maybelline one for six months (scold me later), a waterproof one in a yellow tube.  Yeah, see I'm so impressed I memorized it's name.  Not so with Hope Girls one.  I love how long lasting AND lightweight this feels on my lashes.  Not clumpy at all and great staying power.  Plus the packaging is just up my alley all classy bronze with leopard spots. 

2. Very Six 6 Seconds Kissing Lip Gloss

I am very close to calling this my HG lipbalm product.  Infused with propolis, honey, jojoba seed oil, this apparently promises super moisturized action while naturally bringing a flush of color to your lips.  It delivers.  Something about the packaging makes me want to scream Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream for Lips Deluxe Edition.  I can't wait to try this over my lip tints!

3. Pure Smile Refresh Tissue Citrus Punch

Fancy awesome cleansing/refresher wipes which I have not tried yet.  I've actually hidden these in my Summer products bag/sample filing system which is a deluxe paper bag that fits in my vanity desk cupboard OK.  I really want to try these out in Perth's notorious hot summer!

4. Label Young Shocking Toner

A gentle yet effective toner/lotion/essence/one ring beauty product.  Apparently it can be used in a multitude of ways, but not many are mentioned on the Memebox card.  They do suggest mixing with your BB, which I'll be sure to try, but I need to research more.  What I LOVE is that its full sized, the packaging rocks AND includes an application spatula, and its apparently multi-use! More to come soon.

5. Rivecowe Sebum Control Compact

I was totally stoked to recieve this after the blusher that c ame in the Gangnam Style box.  While I have not tested fully, just mucking around and swatching I can tell that this will be another product I will enjoy using.  The same no nonsense, solid, yet still cute packaging applies here but with a very effective sponge type powder sponge.

6. Lovey Dovey Perfume Fabric Mist

I put this straight in my handbag, because what self respecting office lady does not need a freshen up once in a while? LOL

7. Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee x 2

A random Korean dude got me hooked on Maxim coffee years ago.. and truth be told I love the taste of Maxim Gold.  Receiving this in Memebox re-ignited my love affair with this instant coffee mix - I'll be off to the local Asian grocery to buy in bulk soon.  Yeah, and I drank both sachets as soon as I got them.

Really enjoyed this box, I purchased initially to see what the OL quirk factor would be, and thankfully I've found a couple of products that I really think will be long lasting in my routines. As far as the general box reception goes, I know they released a spoiler for a facial type mist which was not included in the box, however all members that ordered this box recieved an email today advising they'll recieve 10 memepoints (10 memedollars) for this oversight....

......... so I went ahead and ordered all three color boxes due out today. MWHAHAHAAA.  So not addicted!