So finally...

Right.  I'm back. 

So updates:

  • I finally sorted some kind of permanent connection to the interwebs. 
  • I'm finishing up my fourth week at my new job (which I love BTW)
  • Everything is insane, as in FULL ON, every day.
  • I've missed at least four social activities in the last three weeks with very little explanation other than family/exhaustion/family/exhaustion/family/where-did-that-weekend-go?
  • I am harboring a deep seated regret out the Girls Night Out memebox (more on that later)
  • I just spent far too much money on Too Faced swag
  • I need a holiday in Asia STAT.
  • I finally have a new lap top, but it's not an Apple. It's OK though.

Aaaaaaand.... I want this Missha BB Cake like hard core to try.

Believe it or not, tomorrow is Friday, and I promise.... something.

Yeah.  Hardcore.