Memebox Special #23 Girls Night Out

I previously alluded to my mixed feelings upon receipt of this Memebox.  I think all in all there were far too many misses and few too hits for my liking, especially as this box was ordered sans value bundle just after the shipping price hike.

Hmmm. Anyway, onto the contents...



Starting from the top:

1. A.m.OK Cosmetics NSM Special Nail Lacquer

I received Crystal White and Black Stitch (I think?).  To be honest I was not impressed with the inclusion of TWO nail varnishes.  I mean one I could have lived with for the theme, but two is just plain overkill.  Although I didn't mind the shades, I found myself horribly disappointed in their formulations.  They were, for lack of a better description, gloopy as hell, and not too quick on the drying time.  I'm not too sure if this is just perhaps an old stock issue, however I would have been happier if it was just the one varnish I could write off.

2. Forest Story Water Essence Hair Perfume Soft Soap Fragrance

Long name, short story.  This stuff smells like very strong laundry or dish detergent.  Girl's Night Out?  Where?  The cleaning closet?  Come on guys, one of those pretty rose ones would have been preferable.

3.  Croquis Dual Concealer

We have a hit on our hands.

We have a hit on our hands.

One end is apparently an anti-wrinkle concealer, the other is for spots.  Which is which? Uhhhh, thank god for the little eye icon on the lighter end lol, but basically the darker and thicker formulation seems to be aimed at the wrinkle problem, and your lighter, and slightly watery one, is for those darker under eyes.  You know, TBH, I think the lighter end is too light, and the darker too dark, BUT I AM A SUCKER FOR CONCEALERS ATM, and I've been having alot of fun playing around with this product and using it alongside some of my BB/CC creams I've been finding success with it.  Full size product too so, good score.

4. Kskin Bulgarian Rose Pheromone Perfume Pink Angel

Bloody hell, that's a mouthful.  Not gonna lie, I am a sucker for Rose Fragrance, therefore I don't mind this at all.  I like the roller ball applicator too so this has found it's way into my work/daily makeup purse for moments when I need a pick me up.

5. Kepaclub Maxi Tint Lip Glow - 03 Cherry Pink

CHERRY PINK EXCITE, until I opened the tube and saw it was RED.  As in the color I received in the Red Colorbox (makes sense) AND the Orange Colorbox (why not Coral Memeboxers?).  SO MUCH RED LIPSTICK OVERKILL.  /end rant.  

I see Red, I see Red, I see Red....

I see Red, I see Red, I see Red....

I'm not gonna lie on this one, it's a hit.  Unlike the rest of my red lipsticks that I barely use, the formulation on this one is light - almost a glossxbalm hybrid.  Though it claims a tint/stain ability I haven't found this to be the case in my personal use, OBJECTION, (sorry I've been playing some weird Prof Layton meets Phoenix Wright game thing which makes lawyers seem amaze funny - especially Japanese caricatures of lawyers),  although I find alot of tints and stains have little staying power on me.  

6. A.m.oK Cosmetics NSM Soft Moose Waterproof Liquid Line

I googled Moose and Office to garner ideas on how to use this. Failed.

I googled Moose and Office to garner ideas on how to use this. Failed.

Honestly I am not a fan of the Bronze-y shade I received and I'm not too sure about the 'moose' aspect, but I think this is still a workable product.  I see myself using more as a cream eyeshadow than a liquid liner as the consistency lends itself to (surprisingly) mousse.

7. Secret Stargirl S Style Lashes

Lord, considering I have only used these things twice I would have to end up with the most dramatic set, IMHO - Sexy Eye is so dramatic!  I'm not too sure on how these rate in the wider spectrum of false lash quality as I've only ever tried one other brand (Dolly Wink) and I find these to be nothing near the quality of those.  A fun touch to the box, I'll definitely try them so they can camp in the Hit section pending judgement.


I'm not stoked with this box considering this was ordered as a stand-alone (no value box set) and I got killed on the new shipping fees, basically I feel a little cheated.  Which is sad since my experience thus far with Memebox as a whole has been awesome.  That said, the two other boxes I ordered as stand alone boxes (ie paid full shipping for) are arriving this week, in fact I have a pick up card for what I suspect is the "Diet" box, and I'm sure Korea's Most Wanted will be with me before weeks end since I paid express, so I'll reserve my judgement for now.

To be continued....