LadyKin Vanpir Dark Range: One month on

It's been just over a month since I started trialling products from the Vanpir Dark Range as part of my nightly skincare, and it's about time I share my thoughts and results.   But before I start, I thought it might be helpful to share my full nightime regime for the past month so as to give full clarity on the other products I've been using alongside Vanpir Dark.  (I was gonna shorten that to VD for the purposes of this post, but then it hit me on how VD can look so very wrong)...

I'm just gonna leave this here.

I'm just gonna leave this here.

OK, all jokes aside, let's get onto the final trial review results etc.

Nightime Skincare Regime September: LadyKin VD Trial

  1. Remove eye and lip makeup with micellar water.
  2. Cleanse face with oil based cleanser, I used Clean It Zero..
  3. Second cleanse with foaming cleanser, I used Vitamin Dessert.
  4. Rather than tone, I waited around 15 minutes before proceeding ontothe next step.
  5. Apply VD Youth Activator serum, I used one dropperful for my whole face patting in to absorb, concentrating on my worst lines/pigmentation areas.
  6. Take a chickpea sized amount of the Water Mask and smooth over face.
  7. Follow with about an almond sized amount of the Repair Cream, smoothing over face and neck.

I did this every night (cough, bar two Friday nights, cough) of September. So how much product did I run through?

IMG_20150928_093717 [94414].jpg

To be fair, I had used the Water Mask a few times in the week prior to commencing this trial, but as you can see I've gone about halfway through a bottle of serum, maybe about a third into the cream, and just over half of the mask.  I think these products could easily last six to eight weeks, which I thought was pretty good.

Finally, the results or lack thereof...

I want to say I saw miracles with this product, but alas no.  While I did feel my overall skin texture and tone was slightly more refined and definitely more moisturized, I really didn't see any improvements in my fine wrinkles like I was hoping for.  I also noticed that while using this range my overall skin tone seemed improved there was not a real improvement on my pigmentation caused by old acne scars.  I can vouch for these products assisting with healing new breakouts much more quickly than they usually would on my skin.

So the photos:



Really, I think these photos make it look better than in real life.  Disclaimer I am smiling in the after and the light is slightly better - so take that into consideration.  As you can see my skin texture and tone has an overall improvement, it almost looks like I am wearing a pore minimizing primer or something (which I'm not).  It faded my recent forehead pimple wonderfully, but if you take a closer look around my eyes and forehead there has been virtually no improvement to my fine lines.

Would I recommend this product & Would I buy it again?

I would recommend this range, but I think it would work best on younger skin than mine that needs some serious anti-aging action.  I also think that the serum and water mask would work great as a nightime treatment for people with combination or acne prone skin due to its assistance in healing blemishes.  The cream I think would be far too rich for people with combination or oily skin, but dry skin would love it.  I tried it once as a day cream and it was too rich for my T-Zone.  

For me, I think I would happily shell out for the Water Mask again, this was my favorite product of the three.  I found it to be wonderfully calming on my skin after a long day.  Both the serum and cream are nice products on their own, but I don't see any benefits from using them.