Milky Dress Bohr-effect Carboxy Gel: A Review & Slight meltdown in one

Let's talk masks.  I'm a massive fan of those serum soaked sheet masks popular throughout Asia, and can attest to some of them working pretty well, albeit with temporary results.  I am a sucker for a face mask, but sometimes I wonder WTF were some company R&D people thinking.  Like now....

Introducing Milky Dress's Bohr-effect Carboxy Gel mask set.  (If you click that link you'll find the ingredients).


You mean I have to put my serum on my own sheet mask?  FAIL.  I reall... wait what are these "Natural-leaf ingredients" you speak of...

So no clues here then.

So no clues here then.

I have to say I'm pretty excited about this whole Carboxy-effect thing that promises me some sweet V-line action, so I press on.

Let's start with the gel, I should have videoed this lol, the gel doesn't really have any distinct scent that I can pin down.  It's slightly yellowish and quite a runny consistency.  Not knowing how much gel I'm actually meant to apply in this first step, I safely guesstimate half the tube.

The paper mask is weird and stiff.  I assume the inside of the folded section is face down and try to firmly apply this to my face on top of my first gel layer as instructed.  This is easier said than done as the mask has it's own identity and does not like to be manipulated into fitting in.  So the mask is a teenager.  Finally I coax the underage PBR drinker onto my face and begin applying the second layer of gel, which I am hoping will help affix the sucker to my face for the upcoming 20 minutes.  But this is the worst fitting mask I have ever - what in the HELL is that fizzing sound?!?!?

CUE CARBOXY ATTACK.  Yes, apparently the mask has an exterior that combos with the top layer of gel for devastating V-line attack action.  Somewhere in Japan an anime could be made about this mask, I just know it...  

While the initial fizzing sound gave me a start, I was not quite prepared for the slightly stingy sensation that then followed.  A part of my brain, the sane part, started screaming "Rip it off your poor ravaged face now!".  I listened to the part of my brain that had found the Twilight Gangster movie subtitled and had no time for saving anyones face right now.  Then I had to wait 20 minutes wherein I discovered that a mask not soaked in serum dries out rather quickly and soon loses interest in sticking around and raising the glowy pores you created together.  Now the mask is a deadbeat dad.

One that makes you look like a lunatic at alimony hearings.

One that makes you look like a lunatic at alimony hearings.

Finally the mask can come off, and here's where I say NEVER AGAIN.  But I don't.  My skin looks glowier (read redder from all that stinging), but it also feels firmer and plumper.  I am somewhat pleasantly surprised by this turn of events and contemplate doing it again this time reserving more than half a tube for the top layer.

But in reality:  This was just too finicky to be something I'd look at using on a regular basis.  The fit of the mask was terrible, and keeping it on for 20 minutes was a task in itself.  Nice results but not really worth the hassle (I don't care if the deadbeat dad has great bone structure & nice eyes - your kid will probably not inherit that shit).

This mask was received in Memebox Special #32 OMG 2 - which surprisingly did not have many OMG items in it.  How odd.