Not Dead, Thanks for asking...

... although it has been four months already!  

Been a bit off the grid lately with work stuff, moving house, family stuff, blah, etcetera, excuses. Then I logged in to find my website had gone dark, like duh when you lose your card you need to update your subscriptions everywhere.  Life!

I'm feeling super awesome lately because as mentioned a few months back re my skin issues THEY ARE NO MORE!  I'll definitely update with some skincare news soon but basically I no longer have acne ridden skin.  Extra bonus, somehow along the way I kinda improved my confidence doing so.  Epic win for me.  My new issue is my forehead frown lines.  Suddenly they are like WTF you are 36 girl, here have some wrinkly ass stuff now.  Eh. It happens, still not going to stop me from trying to slow that sit down though. 

As for the rest of my life, work is happening.  The new flat/apartment/sorta townhouse is further north than we were before.  I miss being so close to the beach, but it's closer to work, super close to the mall, and has a pool in the complex... crushed it.

Come Summer though I'll probably want to move back to the beach again.  First world problems.