This is not an octopus: Cristallin Cellulose Mask Review

I received two of these masks a while back in the not so OMG Memebox OMG2.  Admittedly this is not the first cellulose mask I have used, so I wasn't really surprised by the texture that awaited me when I tore open the pack. 

Memebox's description though, hmmm... "Plus, the jelly-like texture feels like an octopus wrapped around your face."

Apparently this mask is meant to encourage the skin's natural recovery and improve skin clarity and elasticity.  Now as with most sheet masks, I'm expecting the results to be temporary (really I think you have to be constantly using a sheet mask to keep up with its benefits).  

What I really love about cellulose masks is their amazing fit and overall soothing/cooling effect.  Cristallin's mask was no different.  The mask comes sandwiched between protective layers of plastic and paper and soaked in serum.  These masks are exceptionally sticky so can be a little of a mission to get evenly on your face but once there they stay there.  

The fit is OK.  I find most masks seem a little ill fitting around my eyes and nose, probably as I have a rather large nose, but overall there's plenty enough mask for good coverage.  Another benefit of these cellulose masks as they take alot longer to dry out unlike regular paper sheet masks.  This means you can wear them alot longer!

Results wise I'm pretty happy with it.  My skin felt really moisturised after 30 minutes and my usual redness looked alot calmer.  I don't think this Cristallin mask is the best cellulose mask I've tried but all in all it fits nicely into the cellulose family - which is one of my favorite mask types for sure.

Obligatory weird face picture....

Obligatory weird face picture....