Olaplex is Powerthirst for Hair

As one might guess, dying ones hair from dark brown to blonde in one weekend is not necessarily the best thing for the condition of said hair.  Last year I did just that, and although it wasn't too bad at the time, subsequent months of heat styling started to take their toll.  In February I had enough of my frazzled looking hair and went a dark ash color, but by mid March my ends had faded terribly.  I decided to not color my hair at all for months and attempted growing it out, ending up with a somewhat tragic looking ombre...

Last week I finally broke my eight month hair drought and knew I had to go back to blonde, but this time I decided to leave it to the professionals and set off to a local salon in Joondalup mall.  While I was speaking to the lovely lady at the service desk booking my appointment she took one look at my fried ends and asked if I'd like to add Olaplex to my color.

Now being an avid fan of Guy Tang's YouTube channel I was not in the dark about the merits of Olaplex, and happily the treatment which included the take home add-on only ended up costing $30 AUD on top of my existing color.


The ORIGINAL chemistry that multiplies bonds and cross-links broken bonds. There can only be one!

We started by finding two of the world's leading PHD's in Materials and Chemistry that had never worked on hair products before, Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker. With this fresh outlook, this dream team invented a single ingredient chemistry, that is free of silicone or oils, that links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before. It may all sound like the same old mumbo jumbo, but check out what top colourists are saying about Olaplex all over social media. As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Source: http://olaplex.com.au/

Apparently there can be only one, however Mr McLeod here missed the Olaplex memo.

Apparently there can be only one, however Mr McLeod here missed the Olaplex memo.

Look it seems Olaplex is still very top secret on what's actually in it and really how it works, but in simple steps this is how an Olaplex treatment goes down.  Your hairdresser adds step one of Olplex to your color/lightener.  This is your bond multiplier stage.  So  while you're waiting for your color to process this baby goes to work multiplying your bonds all up in your face.  Olaplex actually slows the lifting time of blonding, so my hairdresser actually managed to leave in my blonde for an hour!  No itching, no weird smells, just gentle lifting is what it felt like.  

After rinsing out your blonde/color step two is applied prior to shampooing.  This is your bond perfector stage.  My hairdresser explained it as a strengthening/conditioning type step to seal in all those sweet ass bonds.  

Step three is basically step two but toned down as a take home treatment to use once a week - this is applied on wet hair prior to shampooing and conditioning.


I can't believe what a difference Olaplex has made to the condition of my hair.  It's hard to explain but my hair is noticeably stronger and smoother AFTER  getting it bleached.  I know it doesn't make sense but it's true.   Another thing I have noticed is when I straighten my hair it seems to 'hold' a little better.  The day after I can wake up to slighly wavy hair as opposed to full on frizz again.  I'm not sure if Olaplex is linked to this, but really I think it has to be.

The take home treatment, step three, is easy to use although a little awkward as you have to wet your hair, apply, wait at least 20 minutes and then shampoo etc.  But you only have to do the treatment once a week, so it's not all too bad. The results are pretty awesome, like an amped up conditioning treatment and I like the fact that it keeps my hair feeling 'salon fresh' lol.

I just want to reiterate the success I've had with Olaplex, and I know that the next time I go to my salon I will be requesting it again.  I'm not quite to the light blonde I desire, but Olaplex mitigates the damage to my hair and although it slows down processing times I can see my hair getting there in better condition and I love that.  On a side note I've heard that you can use Olaplex for a bit then stop and the bonds it builds remain strong.  So that's pretty cool.

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