LadyKin Vanpir Dark First Impressions

There will be no references to a certain recent popular book and/or movie nor disclosures about glitter face in the following post.  There will however be a certain amount of fangirl enthusiasm for a slightly older popular book and/or movie and full disclosure about skin envy.

Lets get this out of the way first.

Yeah, sorry about that. But dayum vampire skin FTW.

Yeah, sorry about that. But dayum vampire skin FTW.

Lately I've become quite keen on anti-aging skincare, for obvious reasons (nearing ones mid thirties is life changing, passing them is plain horrifying lol), and although I have been blessed with sort of slow aging genes, even Mother Nature needs a helping hand on this front. Recently I picked up another jar of LadyKin's Vanpir Dark Repairing Water Mask as I've used it previously as a sleeping mask, but while I was at it I decided to throw in the complimentary products, the Vanpir Dark Repair Cream & Repair Youth Activator

I purchased all three on YesStyle, and at the time I paid $19 AUD for the mask & cream and $22 AUD for the YA.  As of writing this post they are significantly pricier.  I assume I purchased them on sale.

What is not to love about this packaging?  Busted on my buying motivation... 

What is not to love about this packaging?  Busted on my buying motivation... 

So what's so special about these products?  Well apparently Dragons Blood.  

Whoa calm down there Khaleesi, ain't no one touching your dragons!  Dragons Blood resin apparently promotes healing, ergo awesome skin.  And if you wanna get witchy you could try dumping a jar in your next love spell.  Results may vary.

Back to the products. Here's a little run down of each via YesStyle's site:

Dark Repair Cream: Fast-absorbing face cream boosts the natural metabolic process, promoting cellular turnover to lighten dark spots, smooth out lines and wrinkles and create a brighter, fairer complexion. The star ingredient of Dragon Blood Resin extract restores elasticity level while repairing skin damage. After cleansing and toning, spread an ample amount of cream all over face and neck lightly tapping into skin to hasten absorption.
Youth Activating Serum: Concentrated serum targets the many signs of skin damage by boosting the natural metabolic process, encouraging cellular turnover for a brighter and more resilient complexion. Quick-spreading and penetrating serum creates a protective moisture film around skin to maintain the optimal moisture level while shielding it from external aggressors. Paraben-, synthetic pigment- and mineral oil-free formula makes it safe to use even on sensitive skin.
Repairing Water Mask: Superbly hydrating yet lightweight facial moisturizer provides a continuous shower of moisture and nutrients for smooth and radiant skin that can withstand the drying and aging effects of harsh conditions. Balancing formula restores skin health, boosting moisture level while encouraging moisture retention for all day comfort with a softer and smoother feel. Paraben-, synthetic pigment- and mineral oil-free formula makes it safe to use on all skin types.

You'll notice the mask is described as a moisturizer.  I've been using it as a sleeping pack, so err, from what I can see online that is its true intent?  Let's have a quick look at them and I'll outline how I use these as my night routine after double cleansing & toning.

Step One: Youth Activator serum

Pictured middle above.  Cloud amber essence that spreads and absorbs really easily.  I pat this into my skin paying extra attention to my wrinkly bits.  I find this absorbs very quickly but that is probably because my skin is so thirsty (FOR BLOOD).  Mr V rates this one as the least scented.  It has a slight floral herby scent (hard to describe) which dissipates quickly after application.

Step Two: Water Mask

Pictured top above.  I want to say I probably have this & the cream around the wrong way, but I tried using the cream second on Sunday & Monday night and my skin was greasy and just didn't feel quite right the next morning.  Since switching to this blogged order I am much more impressed.  White opaque jello which dissolves into your skin.  You only need a very small amount here, and of the three products this is my favorite.  I feel my skin feels really moisturized just after the mask.  I spread this over lightly and pat in to finish.  The fragrance is nearly identical to above however Mr V rates this as the second most intense fragrance while I find it more 'perfumy'.  

Step Three: Repair Cream

Pictured bottom above.  Thick luxurious cream with an ivory tint to it.  Again you only need a little as this goes a long way.  I find this cream to be a little heavy on my skin and it takes a while to settle on in.  However, since switching the product order (as mentioned above) I find it absorbs a bit better.  A very moisturizing cream and if I had drier skin I could see myself cranking this as a day cream, unfortunately it is slightly too rich for my T zone to do that.  I find the scent of this not overpowering at all, it is similar to the other two but not as perfumy as the mask.  Mr V however says to his man nose this is the strongest as it smells more concentrated and intense.


So I've been at this for a few nights now and while I'm not ready to shell out before & after pics just yet I can say I have been pleasantly surprised at how smooth and soft my skin feels the next morning.  Visually I have not seen a marked difference but I can feel the range is doing something at least.

I'll be following up in a week with some pictures on how I'm going with the trial.  Thus far no weird reactions so hopefully I can complete the month!

UPDATE: For the end results of the one month trial click here!