Undies make good viewing: Atelier (aka Lingerie; Underwear)

A couple of months ago,  I stumbled back into Netflix.  TBH I have not been using the site in just over a year and I was tempted by another free one month trial, and Stranger Things (which was hella good, if you haven't already seen it!).

What I was initially impressed with was the increase in Asian dramas on offer on the Australian Netflix site (I should just proxy up and US this already), enough to even satisfy my needs to not have annoying pop-ups destroy my free streaming drama joy.  Yes, I'm one of those people.

So first up... what to watch?  Having overloaded on K-drama recently, I decided it was time to return to my ex for a booty call - Hello JDrama, Hello Atelier!


Atelier (or Lingerie or Underwear depending on your market) follows Mayuto Tokita, a self confessed fabric-otaku (I seriously didn't even know that was a thing) who takes on a job at Emotion, a haute couture lingerie boutique in the ever-exclusive Ginza area. She works under the very Anna Wintour-esque Mayumi Nanjo, Emotion's founder and creator. The drama is described as a workplace-coming-of-age story and the relationship between these two women is really central to the whole plot.  This type of drama is the type that really hits a chord with me - finding your path, finding yourself, empowerment to follow your dreams, and damn on-point style at every turn.  

Another check in the positive column is Jdrama's typically shortened run which allows for a pacing style that is easily digested, not boring, and interesting at every turn. This pacing allows the storyline to engage you (no bloated 16 plus episode sagas!).

After watching Atelier, I don't know why I ever left JDrama land, maybe it was that Kdrama's threatrics were too strong of a pull, but every time I come back I'm happy.  I'm moved.  I'm satisfied.  Atelier has kept up the winning record in that regard.

Recommended if you liked: Poor Girl Rich Man; ParaKiss; Barairo no Seisen.