Dramatic Thoughts: DodoHara aka Be Arrogant

So here begins another snippet of my life making it's way into the blogo-sphere!  As mentioned in the past I have the serious jones-ing for some Asian Drama Love, cliches & all!  I came across this little gem recently and seriously loved it. It ticked two major boxes that I'm putting out there all the time lately... Girl Power & Time Consciousness, with it's web-series episode length and a meager 10 episodes to watch.

Seriously though, I didn't find myself missing the extra run time of this series.  What it lacks in length, Dodohara seriously makes up for in engaging story telling.

The plot of the series follows the sprightly and seemingly eternally positive Hong Ha Ra who, after being ripped off and finding out she is the "mistress" in her relationship with boyfriend aka doish-bag No Chul, decides to hunker down at his ex(?) girlfriend, (and cynical) Do Ra Hee's house.

What develops out of their animosity yet shared interest in No Chul is some sisterhood awesomeness.  Do Ra Hee, tired of peddling her fashion wares at the night market, sees potential in Hong Ha Ra's fashion savvy social media skills, and the pair start their own online fashion store.

Through their trials they get closer, and even the return of No Chul can't put aside what is ultimately a perfect marriage of this pair.  I'd be spoiling to give away much more, but the series really does deliver on stepping outside what is the norm's of usual relationships such as partners and family.

The writing is really on key but I think it is truly stellar because of the shorter run time.  Even the usual love square type cliche doesn't seem overdone because it doesn't get dragged out unnecessarily.

The two female leads, Yoo Ra as Hong Na Ra and Shin So Yool as Do Ra Hee, are the standout attraction in this series. Their chemistry as business partners and sisters is fun and touching.

This series is easily one I would recommend as part of the introduction watch list to new-starters of K-Drama.

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