Winter Wishlist & Skincare Confessions

I want to be totally honest.

I have been slacking on my skincare regime.  Like down to four steps ... at night!  And boy is my skin showing it!

This is not from sheer laziness, I assure you.  But for the past month I have been carefully putting together a few items I would love to try over the Winter season. So as I embark on placing an order with my bae, Jolse, I thought I'd share a couple of items I am excited about trying.

But first ... Random hot TOP gif...

Wintery Goodness...

Wintery Goodness...

Cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask  is one of those products I have read so much good stuff about but have yet to have jumped on the bandwagon with.  Honey is not really in my upper echelon of weird-so-have-to-try ingredients so I've been pretty meh about it.  That said I am enjoying using Scinic's AIO Honey Ampoule (I will review this properly when I get back on skincare track).  Most promising claims are that it can be used as a nice day moisturizer, so I'll be trying this out in that arena also.  

PRELAB Toning Peeling Tap (Tab?) despite the product name misspelling (or awkward naming what you will) is high up on my tryout list.  At first I thought it a bit gimmicky, but having read reviews from beauty bloggers online, this product actually looks pretty promising.  My low key skincare does't include alot of exfoliation at the moment, and this appears to be (from what I've read) not over the top in that department.  

Holika Holika Prime Youth Bird Nest Gold Leaf Cream is so luxurious I just have to try it!  My only annoyance about this product is the seemingly lack of reviews in English by actual users of this cream  I hope to change that by at least adding my own thoughts.  To start with, very pretty!

So those are my top wishlist skincare additions (which are already in my cart!) No doubt by the time I check out tonight there will be alot more interesting items for me to talk about, but I'll leave that until they actually arrive.