Drugstore Cowgirl: Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser

As I've been on a bit of a hell-bent mission to use up the majority of my beauty products before ordering more, one of the first empties I needed to replace urgently was my second/morning foaming cleanser step.  

Previously this step was filled with Benton's Honest Skin Cleanser, which in all honesty I was underwhelmed with.  But I was not prepared to fire up Jolse just to replace a foaming cleanser back when I ran out, so off to the mall I took myself to find this:

In all it's boring, somewhat stoic packaging.

In all it's boring, somewhat stoic packaging.

Swisse are a somewhat feel good company with a focus on health, wellness, and natural products.  Here in Australia their sponsorship of sporting teams/icons is everywhere.  I am a fan of their vitamin and supplement ranges, although I find they are usually on the pricier side of things.  Not so with their skincare.  When I picked this up in my local Coles, it was for a measly $6 AUD, aka very cheap.

I think, for that reason alone, I wasn't expecting anything stellar from this cleanser.  I just simply needed something to fill that particular gap in my regime.  This is where I think my experience with this product departs from the seemingly popular opinion.  Having used this for the first time I decided to read a few reviews online, and while none of them where shouting complete disaster, there was not alot of shouting from the rafters about its merits either.

Let's take a quick look at the product description brief:

Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser is a natural, botanical enriched gel cleanser. Luxuriously formulated to gently remove make-up and impurities without over-drying, leaving the skin purified and refreshed. Enriched with Glycolic and Salicylic Acid to naturally exfoliate the skin while fighting blemishes and brightening your complexion. Your skin is left feeling smooth and revitalised.


✓ For oily or blemish prone skin

✓ Lightweight, non-residue cleanser

✓ pH balanced

The product is marketed as luxuriously formulated.  But leaving out alot of the chemical additives that promote the frothy, foamy deliciousness most consumers associate with luxurious when they think of a cleansing product, I can't help but think they missed the mark here.  I think some negatively geared reviews come down to misconception.  I would not describe this cleanser as luxurious.  It lacks the certain elements required to convince consumers of this point - the utilitarian packaging, the lack of bubbles!

But I waffle, what I really should be talking about is my experience and why I think that you shouldn't discount this cleanser based on the reviews online.

First:  This is actually a pretty stellar second cleanser.  There is no way in hell I would rely on this product to remove my makeup or for that matter make up my entire cleansing stage at the end of a day of sunscreen, makeup, sebum, additional makeup to cover shiny sebum-ness, air conditioning vitamin misting, powdering again .... and GASP touching my face!!!  This is what micellar makeup remover and oil/balm cleansers are geared towards.  Once you get rid of all that crap, this is a decent foaming cleanser to follow up with.

Second:  As a morning cleanser this is gentle enough to refresh my skin without stripping away all my overnight work.  I have found with some foaming cleansers I may as well have skipped my sleeping pack the night before, but don't seem to have that problem with this one.  After use my skin looks clearer, feels firmer, and has a slight glow (I blame those acids).

So what I'm trying to say, basically, is that if you come across this cleanser and you're in the market for a cheap addition to your multi-step routine, it might be worth checking out.  I'm glad I did (although that hasn't stopped me for investing in an egg-based cleanser from Jolse - me and my egg cleansers!).