Wine-ing While You Sleep: Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask Review

So this is one of those skincare items I have been guilty of purchasing based on the pretty packaging & gimmick-that-screams-my-lifestyle appeal that disregards anything useful to my skin.  I knew that given my age, any so called benefits from this sleeping pack would be minimal... I knew that but I still bought it.  

It's WINE for gods sake!  I had to!

OK, I might be a little unfair just chucking this in the gimmick bin.  It's not necessarily a bad product.  

The Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask comes in two varieties:  White Wine which moisturizes while providing a brightening effect; and Red Wine which moisturizes and targets anti-aging.  

As aging is one of my primary concerns... cough... I opted for the Red Wine option.

Ingredients:  Red Wine. Jokes.  Full list here.

The big player in the marketing around this product is polyphenol antioxidants which are touted to slow the oxidative damage to our cells.  Or something involving space-wizardry and snail science.

While the packaging had me at "Hello, why yes I am a miniature wine barrel" ... the texture and smell of this product are super fun aspects.  The smell reminds me of grape candy, more specifically grape Hubba Bubba bubblegum.  The texture of this is similar to Ladykin's Vanpir Dark Water Mask, but a bit more jelly-like.  You need only the smallest amount which seems to melt into your skin on application.

My problem with the product starts here.  After application the mask remains quite sticky to the touch and really doesn't absorb quite properly.  Basically by the time I hit the hay 15 minutes later my face still feels slightly tacky.

I've been using this mask off and on for the last 4-5 months, and while it's quite moisturizing I've seen no dramatic improvement to my skin texture and tone.  I will continue to use it, but as a step to my overall routine it doesn't add anything special.