Bottom of the Bottle: Autumn 2016 Edition

It's been a while since I've posted one of these!

Ahhh Memories...

Ahhh Memories...

Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream = 8/10

I was actually pleasantly surprised with this moisturizer.  I finished this on literally the first day of Autumn and moved onto using the one pictured beneath by The Saem.  The "cream" has more of a light gel+lotion texture which absorbs really nicely into my skin and makes my skin look slightly plumper.  It does have quite a strong floral type scent, which I don't mind at all, but may be off-putting for many people.  I am still on my quest for my HG day cream, but I'd happily buy this one again to fill in the gaps.  (Received in Memebox's Etude House Box)

The Saem Iceland Water Volume Cream (Blue - Combo Skin) = 6.5/10

This was my follow-on from EH's one above.  I am just in the stage of scraping the last remnants out of the jar today.  I was pretty excited about trying this one out.  Something about the packaging really appealed to me when I was in the market for a day cream.  I am one of those people who prefer my day creams along the more light gel lotion texture.  This one leans more toward the gel side than EH's does. A small amount of this really goes a long way and I have been guilty of using it on my hands etc as well.  The lotion has a very pale ice blue appearance with a cool & fresh fragrance.  It's actually pretty nice but loses 1.5 points as it takes a bit of time to absorb properly into my skin, and honestly while it moisturizes my skin it brings nothing special to my face party. (Purchased from

Ladykin's Vanpir Dark Repair Cream 6/10, Repairing Water Mask 8.5/10, Youth Activator Serum 7/10

Another lot of very early March finishers.  After trialling them for that month I ended up swapping them all out for other products & rarely using them.   Of the three the Water Mask was really the standout product for me, and one I would possibly buy again at some stage.  You can read my final thoughts & results from my one month trial of these three products over at  this blog entry.  (Purchased from

Chosungah Original Raw 1st Essence Red = 8/10

I received this quite some time ago in a Memebox themed with Snow White products (most of the box was a bit underwhelming) and I chucked this in the fridge and used it off & on for a bit before cranking into it in Feb and finally finishing it off in early March. Gasp! I know I'm a skin care hoarder.  I actually loved this.  Like the Vanpir Dark range, one of the star ingredients in this essence is dragon's blood extract.  I think I'd happily buy this again to add to my regime.. if I could ever find it again.  Unfortunately it looks as though the range has been discontinued.  (Received in Snow White Memebox)

Two Faced Tinted Beauty Balm = NO!

I don't want to sound like some BB cream elitist but damn are western BB creams just not getting it at all.  I have two "BB creams" that I have used that I have actually found to be OK for daily use.  The thing is they are more tinted moisturizers or light foundations and I get none of the benefits of an actual BB cream which makes my skin appear glowier.  Unfortunately this offering from Two Faced is not one of the two - it is full of fail for my skin.  I bought the Snow Glow shade which is meant to have a pink undertone, but worryingly what came out of my tube looked suspiciously yellower than advertised.  It has some excellent reviews online, however personally I didn't like the formulation, the lack of coverage, it's greasy feel after application, and the way it gave me some sort of weird cast.  Not for me.  (Purchased from Mecca)

Revlon Uniq One Hair Treatment Coconut = 9/10

I purchased this a while back as a spray in heat treatment.  Of course I was sucked in by its coconut scent which is divine!  This product is a thick white cream in a spray bottle that you spritz on your hair.  It works wonders on smoothing out my damaged frizzy bits and I will definitely be repurchasing.  The deal breaker?  Well while the packaging works well for application purposes I have ongoing issues with the product drying out in the spray applicator and then being impossible to spray! (Purchased from Hair Warehouse)