The Drought is Over!

Last night, I did something I hadn't done for what seems like an eternity...

No it wasn't tequila shots.

No it wasn't tequila shots.

You see, I have been in a self imposed fast - a spending fast on Asian skincare.  Just how long has it been since I shopped for Asian skincare products?  Well it's been over six months...

Firstly, I want to address the rather large white cow in the room - yes my lack of new products coming in did somewhat dampen my enthusiasm for blogging.  Even after I had promised myself several times that this was never meant to be a beauty blog.  Meh, it happened.

Secondly, I think it's good to explain why I chose to jump off the bandwagon for a while.  I really want to say it was about saving money (it wasn't, that money was spent elsewhere believe me) or about me re-evaluating what is important in my life (hmmm, no) but it all came down to one pure and simple reason:  I was overwhelmed.

Shortly after my last Jolse haul I opened my vanity's cupboard to put away some products for later use, and there was no room for all the other products waiting for that 'rainy day' ... and on perusing what I had in stock I realised something... I was probably never going to get around to trying any of them...

Ahh memegenerator - whoever made this one gets it.

Ahh memegenerator - whoever made this one gets it.

The shame was real.  I sat there knowing there were several hundred dollars of wasted product just sitting there.  Waiting.  Decaying.  Wondering when they would have the time to shine.

I want there to be a happy ending to this post where I say I used all of those products and found some hidden gems, but alas most of my stash consisted of items from skincare trends gone by and shockingly discontinued products - mostly items that had no real place with my current skincare concerns.

I have managed to use up quite a few things in the last six months though, so much so I can say with a clear conscience that as I placed my order last night it was really because I'm getting down to the last of my usable products.

Man, it felt so good to finally hit that checkout button at Jolse though... just sayin'.