BOTB & BB: March 2017 Edition

It's been ages since I last posted one of these!  But after the recent goal to shrink my hoarding pile, I decided it would be fun to share some of the stuff I've recently finished off.... and those that are destined for the trash.

Lo & behold... The March edition of Bottom of the Bottle & Bin Bound!

And the Losers are...

And the Losers are...

Ladies and Gentleman, I present you with this months Losers.  YMMV, but realistically these products sucked ass.

Of particular note are Australis' Velourlips which I REALLY wanted to be awesome, I mean come on LOOK AT THOSE SHADES.... LEEEEEWWWWWK!  Unfortunately, like many other matte shades my lips insta-sahara-ed, and looked feathierer than Big Bird draped in all of the feather boas at Mardi Gras.  TL;DR, they looked bad.

That foundation up there is just NO.  It might be my bad shade selection, or it could be that it clung to all of my dry spots, and considering my skin trends towards oily, that is quite the feat!

The other lip products suffer from formulation hate. Nuff said.

Who's a good girl, finishing all of her products?! ME!

Who's a good girl, finishing all of her products?! ME!

The L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion is pretty much the first domestic version of the Korean BB/CC/Foundation sponge pact I've come across in Australia (though not for long - I'm trialing Maybelline's offer as I write this) and props to L'Oreal for getting in on the trend.  That said, although I finished this up (because at nearly $40AUD I wouldn't dare not to) I wasn't overly impressed.  The coverage was OK, but quite light for something that is being marketed as a "foundation".  Also the sponge that came with this sucked so bad.  Like seriously a good way to put off a sponge pact first timer there.  I had more success using this with a spare Missha sponge I had lying around.  To be honest, it wasn't bad but it wasn't spectacular either.  I won't be re-buying. Fun fact - Made in Korea.  Not so fun fact - Not refillable like the majority of Korean offerings.

Majolica Majorica's Lash Meister (this one in dark bluish black) is awesome.  I love that the applicator is basically a doubled sided comb, with the smaller side to target lower lashes.  This fibre mascara is like close to being my favourite mascara ever.  If it were waterproof I would be saying HELLO HG.  Rebuying... yes!  

E.L.F Lip Exfoliator is cheap and effective.  The gentle granules work great on my dry ass lips. The slightly vanilla balm flavour also helps.  And it is really cheap for it's quality... I mean it ... like $8AUD at Kmart.  I have already repurchased.

L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Colour Correcting Cream came to my collection just prior to my Bali trip.  I wanted something easy and natural looking for my makeup game in the tropical heat. It's OK, does the job, and surprisingly has pretty good coverage for what it is.  But would I rebuy?  Nah, there are plenty of BB creams that do just as well.

I don't think I will ever get over Dolly Wink's Liquid Liner in Black.  I really wasn't a fan of liquid liner pens until I used this one, and while I'm off trying other brands, I will never forget my first love. TT_____TT DW xxx

And here we have it, Beauty Lovers, the grand winner: Biore UV Aqua Rich Sunscreen.  MY FIRST OFFICIAL HG PRODUCT.  I can see why this suncreen has such a cult following amongst us beautyphiles.  Seriously, this sunscreen is magic!  It's a dream under makeup, has no white cast, and never clogs my pores up.  Regrettably I thought I'd use up another sunscreen I had o hand before re-ordering my precious Biore, what was I thinking? I miss it so much...