A Random Winter Sasa Haul

Sooooo, I'm just saying, the weekend before last I had a couple of wines.  Now, listen, really I did need to top up my Japanese bath salt collection for Winter, and hell no was I going to pay full markup in an import store here in Perth.  Just no.  So I did what any sane, bath-salt loving individual would do... I went online.

It's actually been a really long time since I shopped at Sasa, and to be honest my first foray this year nearly fizzled on the get go - because they no longer stock my favourite brand of bath salts, however they still have Kokubo ones and some hot spring varieties I'm yet to try so I thought to myself, "What the heck, their prices are pretty sweet anyway".

But I had, by that time, sat down to a fourth glass of red wine.  Take note, dear reader, on my quest to nab free expedited shipping I may have got carried away...

Me on the following Sunday morning. 

Me on the following Sunday morning. 

So what began as a simple small order of bath salts soon became something else entirely.  In a way I blame the wine, but I also blame my past months of self deprivation from the joys of online shopping - as mentioned back in March.  I still have a pile of notes on items I have tested in the last month, by the way, but I recently changed roles again due to my current contract coming to an end (more on that another time).

So yes, back to the package(s) that arrived today.  Yes, there's an 's' there.  They actually split my order into two packages, although when you see the order below you'll see that was overkill...surely.  I'll run through what I bought, and how my wine-logic convinced me these were must buys.

Bath salts pictured at extreme left, middle bottom centre & those three foil packs above. *cough*

Bath salts pictured at extreme left, middle bottom centre & those three foil packs above. *cough*

I'm going to just start with the obvious... Bath Salts.  I purchased five items relating to bath salts, three of which were single 'serves'.

  • Kokubo Assorted Bath Powder (5 pk) pictured extreme left (black box).  With such 'flavours' as lavendar, sakura and grapefruit included I could not resist.
  • Kracie Tabinoyado Hot Springs Clear Bath Salt Assorted (15! pk) pictured centre bottom (pink box).  I've actually been wanting to try these for ages and at $8.50 US for 15 packs I really could not pass up the chance.
  • Kokubo Bath Powders in Rose, Milk and Sakura Princess (1 each) pictured above the Kracie pack in the foil packaging.  They sound nice - but upon seeing these I recall I was also meant to add the Kokubo sweat bath varieties to my cart too but got distracted elsewhere (see below).

Okay, so now onto the interlopers... I'll run left to right, top to bottom on these.

  • LULULUN Nourishing Masks (7 pack).  So I have actually used LLL brand before, and while I wasn't a fan of the fit I have always found them to be a steal.  At $4.50 US per pack they are a nice back up mask for when I don't want to use my more fancy varieties.
  • Fine Hyaluron & Collagen Powder.  Well, I've heard good things about this product, and this came up on the home page in suggested products.  Sasa knew, and I took the bait...  
  • Super Model Fit.  To clarify I did not buy two packs, this was one of Sasa's awesome buy one and get one free deals.  Yes I am currently in the midst of a diet and I guess I justified this purchase with that it couldn't hurt to try something to kickstart me.  God, I just don't know, but I am going to try these and review.
  • Dewy Tree Ginseng Nutritious Black Mask (10 pk).  I received one of these in a Memebox back when Memebox still had their shit together (aka shipped internationally).  Loved these and jumped on the chance to grab them in a bulk pack.  I'm hoping they haven't changed formulations since, but will definitely do a mask review on them.
  • Yuwa Black Oolong Tea (30 pk) ... just because I ran out that day.  -____-;;;;;;
  • Sexylook Diamond Squaline Hydrogel Masks and Obsidian Ceramide Hydrogel Masks (3 pk each).  After finding the Dewy Tree ones, I fell back down the mask rabbit hole and found..
  • La Glace Masks, the pack in foil is 4 of their Lifting Treatment Masks that came as a freebie with the box of their Wrinkle Treatment Masks (10 pk).  I haven't tried this brand ever... so yeah.
  • Arezia (off brand) compress masks and GR Collection Compressed masks.  This far in I realised I had some AIO ampules from Scinic that are getting pretty borderline and need to be used up soon, so I totally justified this purchase as to not waste those products.

So listed like this, I guess it doesn't look too bad?  But then I remember I actually do need to place a proper skincare order for day creme and sunblock soon as part of my Winter top-up.  

Well, I suppose, it's not Winter.... yet.