Every now and then I like to set myself little challenges or experiments just to see how I go.  For example, in the later part of last year, I attempted to streamline my regime and try domestic products in my skincare, instead of my intense Asian style daily regime. To be honest, that wasn't the most successful experiment - my skin saw zero benefits, I saw zero reason to review unimpressive products - hence I'm back here... 

Recently, while returning to my comfort zone, I set out to answer a question that has really been plaguing the ages...

Does using a sheet mask every night as part of your skincare regime really help in any way?

(Note this experiment was actually done late last month - I'm only taking the time to write about it now!)

Sheet masks usually sit in your night regime somewhere after your essences/serums/treatments and before moisturizing & eye creams.  I generally use them as a pick me up when I feel my skin is looking a bit dull, or I'm going out somewhere.  I decided to go ahead and use them the 'proper' way at night.

Below are the masks I tried, including some quick reviews on each!



Day 1 - Etude House Hyaluronic Acid

  • Korean
  • Just the right amount of essence with a light refreshing scent
  • Mask quality was good - thick, does not tear easily, however a bit of a loose fit for me
  • Instant cooling effect (which I can say for most masks)
  • Afterwards: skin looks plump and hydrated, feels soothed, and skin tone looks slightly more even
  • Rating:  7/10

Day 2 - DEWYTREE Ginseng Nutritious Black Sheet Mask

  • Korean
  • I have previously used and talked about this mask!
  • Very apparent charcoal scent.
  • Very generous amount of essence (I had enough left over to apply to my neck)
  • Good thick mask quality, better fit than EH however lacks proper coverage on my nose
  • Afterwards: Skin looks glowy, feels firmer, pores look slightly less obvious, skin tone looked a lot more refined
  • Rating: 8.5/10

Day 3 - Garnier Skin Active Hydra Bomb

  • Domestic!
  • Good amount of essence (enough) but had a baby powder like scent which kind of put me off
  • Came with a backing sheet, which isn't really necessary
  • Coverage was good, but fit was loose (similar to EH)
  • Mask quality was good, but more papery than the last two
  • Very soothing and comfortable to wear - left on for ages as it didn't dry out too fast
  • Afterwards: Skin felt moisturized but I didn't notice any improvement to it's appearance
  • Rating: 5/10

Day 4 - LuLuLun Rich Moisture

  • Japanese
  • I have previously tried the Pink (Regular/Balance Moisture) version
  • Comes in a pack of seven, hence less essence saturated - less packaging waste and ideal for travel!
  • Clean pleasant scent - a bit hard to describe
  • Mask is of a thinner material than the others, but I think they've improved durability since my last try.  They didn't appear easy to tear (or maybe I'm getting gentler in my old age)
  • This dried out within 10 minutes on my skin, but when I removed the mask I could still see essence on my skin
  • Afterwards: Skin felt refreshed, cool, looked re-energized and glowy
  • Rating: 8.5/10 (extra point for the value for money!)

Day 5 - It's Skin Blueberry Mask

  • Korean
  • Intense berry scent - like berry bubblegum
  • Good amount of essence - best fit and coverage so far!
  • Exceptionally soothing.  Took ages to dry out.
  • Afterwards: Skin very moisturized.  Loved how it seemed to brighten my skin tone up and my skin felt plumper afterward.
  • Rating: 9/10

Day 6 - Apieu Cocorico Silver Sheet Mask

  • Korean
  • Good amount of essence but has a definite floral scent
  • Um, the fit, geez - the mask is this hexagonal textured foil/silk weird hybrid - the coverage was good but getting it to mold to my face was work in itself.  Plus you may risk looking like the Man in the Iron Mask (Picture for reference)
  • Afterwards: Very toned, smooth complexion.  For some reason my face looked slimmer - I don't even know how.... Skin felt and looked refreshed.
  • Rating: 8/10  (Point off for the mask material being a bit of a bitch to use)
Seems legit.

Seems legit.

Day 7 - La Glace Wrinkle Care

  • Hong Kong (I mean it says France, but it's from a company based in Hong Kong. Confusing AF)
  • Good amount of essence with a slight fragrance - not at all unpleasant
  • Mask quality is good - nice thick cotton.  The fit was a little tight around my eye area but otherwise OK
  • Afterwards: Not ground breaking - skin felt slightly firmer and was more moisturized.  I felt like this is a mask that would be beneficial to use on a regular basis though.
  • Rating: 7/10

So what does this all mean...?

OK, so I'm going to come out and straight up say it - I found my skin loved the extra pampering over this experiment.  I'm of the opinion that this extra step really gave my other products the little boost to perform a bit better and overall my skin really started looking more refreshed and glowy.  That said, there is the price point to take into account here.  If I could afford it, I'd be doing sheet masks every other day - IMAGINE THE COST!

Thankfully, there are a few options out there that can bring this cost down.   Companies like LuLuLun and Missha already do bulk packs of masks that will last a month for reasonable prices and keeping packaging waste down!

There's also compressed sheet masks available readily online to DIY your own with your favorite toners or essences - or even your essence leftovers from other masks.  (I'll be testing this out soon).

So yes, if you can afford it, why not add a sheet mask to your daily skin care?  Personally I'm going to try to do it around three times a week.  Here's hoping I continue to see results!