Bottom of the Bottle & Bin Bound: Rest of Autumn

*Edit: This post was scheduled to be posted yesterday (2 July) but something went wrong.  Anyway, here it is...

I can't believe we're nearly at the halfway point of the year again - seriously where is time even going #oldladyproblems.  The only good thing about the endless march of time is that just like that I'm getting ready to place my WINTER haul order.  Thankfully, most of my Autumn products are still going strong, in fact I'm planning a post to talk about some of my favourites from that haul.  There could be a new HG contender in there, just sayin'.

So anyway, onto the stuffs.


Officially my first Laneige brand product, I was expecting big things from this cult brand.  In usual fashion, the packaging and branding is on point, however I wasn't that blown away by the performance of this serum.  I did find however, that when layered with other eye products it worked a bit better.  Not a rebuy.


A silicone based primer that works to even out imperfections and supply a base to your foundation/BB/CC.  I actually didn't mind this primer, although I'm usually pretty iffy about these silicon-y ones.  This also comes in a Matte version which I would be interested in trying out.  I couldn't use this on a daily basis however, it seemed to make me more prone to breakouts - even with my epic skincare regime.


I have talked about this product previously in a first impressions post way back  but not alot since.  I actually took quite a bit of time away from this product over the warmer Summer months as it was just too rich for my oil-prone skin.  Once Autumn rolled around I started cranking back into it as my go to night cream.  I really like this stuff.  The balm like texture melts wonderfully into the skin, and although it remains a little sticky by the next morning I found myself waking up to glowing soft skin without fail.  I also found it seemed to assist with healing any breakouts I had.  That said, it's very pricey for a night cream, and if I'm going to spend that much, I may as well finally get some hanbang action going on.


This is one of those products I had stored away for the longest time and only finally got around to using.  Basically it's a thick cream for use on your neck and decolletage.  It's OK, nothing special.

My two BIN BOUND products are Elizavecca's Milky Piggy Bubble Clay Mask which I reviewed in this post and I have struggled to really like this mask.  I just don't find it that enjoyable to use and to be frankly honest, it does shit all for my skin.  

The other one going the way of the dragon, is Skin Therapy's Bee Venom Protective Moisturiser (ONLY SPF !!! WTF) which I picked up in Coles.  I've really wanted to try some bee venom type products to see if they do help with plumping fine lines.  Well, this one doesn't.

Coming Soon: A round up of some samples I've tried recently!