[Some love from Jolse Bae] Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream: YES YES YES!

Disclaimer: I received this product from Jolse after applying to review it for them.  All experiences and views expressed in this review are hella fo real :)

Before I get into this review, I thought I'd share a little bit of back story on my building obsession which all started back in 2016 when I stumbled across a blog post at Snow White & The Asian Pear about this mythical unicorn of a cream.  Now of course, being me, I immediately decided to seek out this wondrous cream to judge for myself.  Alas, I was on the slow bus, the hype was real, and I could find it nowhere I was happy shopping from, nor at a price I was realistically going to pay for a product I had no idea whether it worked for my skin.  So I put it on the back burner.... on a real steady simmer.  Finally, after over a year of not really finding my groove moisturizer wise, I was trawling Jolse when the clouds rolled away and angelic choirs sang on high...

Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream was back in stock - I wanted, no I lie - I NEEDED - this cream in my life now.  And lo and behold they were asking for applications to review it.  So I applied.  Then I ordered one anyway.  Funny story, not only did I have my own lovingly purchased jar of this little gem, but two days later I received one complimentary from Jolse for review purposes.  I THINK I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN.

Any excuse for a Lucifer gif, amirite?

Any excuse for a Lucifer gif, amirite?

First up: Quick note on my skin condition leading into this review!  As it is Summer here in Perth my skin is doing it's best to be as combination as annoyingly possible.  My skin texture is somewhat dull due to excessive sunblock usage and slacking off in my double cleansing routine.  I have had a few minor breakouts. FYI I have tested this product for three weeks now...

OK, enough ranting ... let's talk about this product and why it's so lusted after.

A massive reason contributing to this products cult following is the formulations basis in ķ•œė°© (hanbang) ingredients, that is to say traditional Korean medicine and beauty ingredients.  There are some pretty killer ingredients here ranging from centella asiatica, ginseng, honey and radish leaf extract through to some stellar oils - shea butter, safflower, sea buckthorn and sunflower.  Also niacinamide.  Did I mention niacinamide? No? NIACINAMIDE!  What I would be hoping for is it to deliver on three main things: 

  1.  Be moisturizing but not greasy.
  2. Perhaps fade some of my recent acne pigmentation scars.
  3. If lucky, help improve the appearance of my incoming forehead wrinkles (yay aging).

First Impressions

In all it's glory....

In all it's glory....

The packaging is seriously gorgeous.  It's understated luxe in such a way that I seriously need to hide all other products in fruit shaped bottles from it's range.  Seriously, super grown up guys.

The scent is slightly floral, but not overpowering.  Although I do find it lingers for a while after application unless I am applying other products.

The cream itself is less a "cream" and more watery/gel like in consistency.  I find it similar in consistency to a cream I used to love, Etude's House Moistful Collagen one.  A little goes a long way with this though.  It spreads pretty easily but I find does leave a slightly tacky finish.  Which I found is incredible under makeup.  Just saying.


It's been three weeks.  Do I like this cream?  Will I buy again?  Could this be a staple in my beauty stash?  In case you didn't notice the blog title - YES, YES and YES.

I am a little under halfway through my review jar with daily morning and night use, and the occasional slather on my hands for fun thing, but boy my skin is loving this stuff... seriously, like Harley loves the Joker obsessional stuff.  My first real noticeable change came about three days in when I realized a minor breakout I had experienced was like nearly completely healed.  I never heal that fast.  I'm talking, you could not even tell I had had one.  That good!  About a week in people started commenting on how glowy I looked.  (I actually got asked if I was pregnant - haha - no jokes).  Then about two weeks in even I have started to notice my forehead lines actually look less prominent.  I'm not kidding.  This cream is turning back time for me, and I could not be happier.

Would I recommend it? Yes!  But as always YMMV - if you're fighting aging concerns yet have normal to combination skin I think this cream would be a star in your beauty regime.  I can't talk for dry skin gals, I'm under the impression it might not be intense enough, but who knows? 

It's hard to find a product that you love and can rely on.  For my grandmother it was Oil of Ulan (before the name change) and I recall her using this nightly with the lovely jar sitting on her dresser.  I do hope that the Beauty of Joseon Cream will be around for a while yet, as I can picture myself using it for years to come.  PS This is not the end!  I will definitely do a bottom of the bottle review on this one - I at least have three weeks left (plus a second jar!) and want to see if it will assist in fading my hyper pigmentation from my adult acne fiasco.  Stay tuned!

Thanks to Jolse for the opportunity to review - and dare I say find a HG product to add to my collection.

Cos why not haha...

Cos why not haha...