Train to Busan: Zombies done right.

As any random passerby of this blog may notice, I kind of have a soft spot for zombies.  In recent years I have never been so bored with something that should be 100% Awesome.  I have to say I've always preferred the "hyped up on meth" version of zombies (28 Days Later, World War Z - despite it being a bit shit) as I prefer the threat to be RUN BITCH rather than just wait for a minute, HERE THEY COME-... oh wait, they got stuck behind that fence, why yes I would like a cup of tea... OH SHIT H.... never mind.

Train to Busan (Hangul: 부산행 ... you're welcome) is a 2016 movie that was widely well received and won all the zombie media awards of said year.  (There are no zombie media awards that I know of, yes I made that up).  Starring Jung Yu-mi (The Crucible) and Gong Yoo (also The Crucible and breakthrough drama 1st Coffee Shop Prince, AND my first Hallyu crush) while being directed by Yeon Sang-ho, the film works on a tight narrative which drives what seems like non-stop action and thrills.  Get on the train to Busan and shit happens.

It has been described as one of the best horror movies of its respective year, and I have to agree.  I was totally engaged from the moment that train departed.  (Watch it and you will see)  Gong Yoo is totally believable as a workaholic dad, and when he steps up to heroism it feels right - not overacted, not like he was secretly The Rock all along, but like he's doing what a father needs to do.  All of the characters have strong development, no-one feels like a trope.  The story Yeon Sang-ho weaves kept me completely glued to the screen for the entire run, which is more than I can say for several recent zombie media appearances - I'm looking at you Walking Dead... 

Even if you aren't a zombie genre fan, I feel it's worth a watch for a great action movie with real character depth.  Highly recommended 10/10.  (Slightly biased Zombies + Gong Yoo ... ya know what I'm sayin'???)