I review three 'cheap' masks from Kmart

Ahh Kmart, the much loved and adored DDS of many an Australian (and American apparently), where one can find all their lifestyle needs from unicorn onesies to smelly plastic fishing baits.  I bow down to thee, oh discount gods, let me receive thy plentiful bounty.

Somewhere amongst this wonderland of cheap thrills, lies a beauty department full of your favourite drugstore brands .... and some in house iterations of ... well basically everything.  This department, wherein lies a plethora of generic branded cosmetics, beauty tools, and low cost nail tips; also lays host to a stand of mask products sitting around the $3 AUD price point (still more costly than buying a mask in Korea/Japan, but I'm not in either of those countries).  I decided to try three of said masks.  

Thought I'd change up my frames  FINALLY  lol...

Thought I'd change up my frames FINALLY lol...

As you can see from the picture above, I really attempted to get a cross section of masks.  The only thing missing was just a plain sheet mask, but well, yeah.

Red Ginseng Botanical Eye Mask 

The first 'Hell Yeah' for this mask was the price point vs applications.  You actually get two applications in one pack which make this a pretty good buy ($1.5 AUD per app.).  What I love about these silicone type under eye masks is that they are thick, apply well and don't dry out as fast as a paper/cotton based one.  The scent was less ginseng to my nose - more like wet grass.  I found these to be very low on the irritant inducing scale, to be moisturizing but not earth shaking.  However, I would buy these again just to have around for a quick pick me up.

Raspberry Leaf Botanical Facial Sheet Mask & Serum

This mask was a war of worlds for me.  First up the sheet mask itself was of surprising good quality, nice and thick, but the scent of the sheet serum was overpowering in it's raspberry jam goodness.  I have to say the coverage and fit of the mask was nice, although a little close to the under eye area.  After removal, I found my skin to have a little bit of sticky/tacky residue from the mask serum which was a little hard to tap into my skin.  The actual SERUM pack was not a serum at all IMHO.  It was a thick cream texture and felt horrid on my skin - like I applied candle wax.  Just gross.  Washed my face straight after.

Pink Grapefruit Face Mask Capsule

I don't know what I assumed going into this one, I've only ever tried one other mask capsule like this and it was more of a clay based product.  This was a thick cream, with a lovely mild grapefruit scent, intended to be massaged into the face and left for around 30 mins.  There's alot of product in the capsule.  I think you could easily get away with two applications if you wanted to.  I did notice some tingling after application, mainly around my nose where I have noticed some skin dryness.  After 15 minutes, the cream felt only slightly dry to the touch and dare I say, kind of itchy so I went ahead and rinsed off with warm water.  Initially I did see some improved brightness to my skin, but the effects seemed to be short lived.  Overall my skin didn't seem to experience any improvement.  

Overall, I'd like to applaud Kmart for the concept of introducing a range of mask products to the domestic beauty user, however I feel there's probably a long way to go R&D-wise to really putting out nice formulas.  The eye masks were definitely my favourite of the bunch.