Badass 'Rebel Youth'

I fucking love Retronaut.  Just love it.  Probably my favorite posts relate to retro pop culture and, even moreso, counter culture.

This brilliant post about Karlheinz Weinberger's photo portraits of late fifties-early sixties rebellious youth is so smack awesome fashion, I can't help but reshare it.

The epic DIY-ness of of all that customised denim and oversized belt action is sheer awesomeness.  Back in their day these guys were probably the pinnacle of bad-assery.  But now they'd probably be seen as hipsters that took things a step too far... other than the chick in the second picture.  I doubt she'd be thought out of place amongst a group of scene kids.

The greaser look has actually carried over into rockabilly style now anyway (although I'm having problems recalling seeing any rockabilly types with gigantic ass homemade belt buckles), fuck just googling the term 'greaser' throws back links to rockabilly clothing stores and images. 

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