IRLTN: Anything by Creed

Disclaimer:  This post is bound to piss someone off should they stumble across it.  I fucking don't care to be honest.  It's a long held 'truth' that Nickelback are the 'worst band ever'.  But to prove some kind of point to myself... I'd rather listen to them than any of the bands I post here.  If it makes you feel better, follow this tumblr instead of reading these posts.

Creed.  Really, isn't it enough that their pseudo Christian ... err ... rock music was everywhere?  Now their lead singer wants to embark on a solo career?  What record company exec honestly thought this could work?

I still can't believe that the lead singer managed to get away with douchey faux Jesus poses and outing citywide power grids with his love for industrial fans.

Seriously, no one needs to have their hair blown back dramatically in nearly every television appearance.

I'd rather listen to Nickelback.