Trucking Like An Acid Flashback

Behold: Civil works after Armageddon
The Dekotora or Decotora (デコトラ dekotora?), an abbreviation for "decoration truck", is a type of extravagantly decorated truck in Japan. Commonly having neon or ultraviolet lights, extravagant paints, and shiny stainless or golden exterior parts, such decorations can be found on both on the exterior and the interior. Dekotora may be created by workers out of their work trucks for fun, or they may be designed by hobbyists for special events.  Source: Wikipedia.
The Autobots new job in Vegas was going well.

So what's amazing about this is that some of these scenesters actually still use these as workable delivery vehicles. I can't even imagine our milk guy rocking up to work like this. He probably wouldn't even get a certification to drive the thing on the road. Pfft, Y U SO STRICT NZTA?

They even made a Wii game for this...

I want one...