The Perfect Valentines

Yo!  Happy Valentines Day, y'all!

To be quite honest, I am not a big celebrator of the annual love fest that is Valentines day.  Something about it seems to cheesy and completely based in capitalism.  You know I really should be into it a shitload then... shopping shopping shopping.

OK, anyway so the point of this post is just a bit of wishlist fun of items I think would make perfect Valentines Day gifts, but maybe if you're only someone like me that is...

Melissa x Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Love Heart $185 AU
Perfect and divine (I already own a pair in gold with red hearts).  These pretty babies always turn heads.  Having these in the much sought after yellow with black hearts would be perfection, but the black on black is stunning too.

Digby & Iona Heart Signet Ring from Catbird $170 US
Everything about this ring is pretty much perfect, albeit pricey for a piece I'd only ever wear after work hours (a bit too chunky for me to type with me thinks).  I love the fact that it's a working seal.

Obey 'Lenore' Necklace Β£45.00 
1.  It's a kickass wilted looking rose.
2.  Totally evoles Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven.  Sweet!

Memento Mori Skull Candles from DL & Company starting at $40 US
Candles are totally romantic... right?  Right?  Yeah I'm sure they are.  Especially these little buggers.  So cute!

Suppurate System Vampire Fang & Vial Necklace 9,240 yen
Fuck yes romantics!  Screw Twilight, rip the fangs out for your loved ones.  Nothing says True Love, like risking your life for a pretty trophy piece! (PS It took me ages to find this - saw it three years ago.  Thanks to the brand database on Livejournal's EGL community for the heads up)...

And now for the romantic music...

Enjoy your Valentines!