Touring Père Lachaise Cemetery

You know, if I had my way, I'd be forever jetsetting about the globe and just looking at stuff.  The problem has alot to do with cashflow admittedly, but sometimes it's nice to just dream... And then sightsee via the internets until the day I can get there for real.

Père Lachaise Cemetery, situated in Paris France, is famously known for being the resting place to some of the most influential artists, writers, musicians, and general history-writing badasses.  It's also the home of some pretty kickass graves.

But if you don't have the cash to get there right now, you can at least check it out online.  Besides google image searching the place, you can you to the Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise site and take a virtual tour about the graveyard.  For free.

It's not as good as being there, but put on some music, tour the tombs, and start planning your trip.

Recommended Music For Touring:
  • Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
  • The Melody of a Fallen Tree - Windsor for the Derby
  • Hangin' On - Active Child
  • She's In Parties - Bauhaus
  • Jewel - Cranes
  • Some Kind Of Stranger - The Sisters of Mercy
  • The Ship Song - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds