Sasa Swag & Other Current BS

Finally... my order arrived.  I'd like to thank NZ Post for taking their sweet time.  Actually I tracked this package today - apparently it's still in customs.  So why do I have it?

Nevermind... happy my BB cream replacement is, despite my skin being in the crappest condition it's been in for three months (yeah I've been spoilt using all that BB baby...).

  • My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol sheet mask 10 pack
  • BeautyMate  Nano Eye Mask Bright Up
  • Sasatinnie Precious Jewelry BB Cream
  • FaceQ Caviar & Hyaluronic Acid Mask
  • My Scheming Astaxanthin Mask
  • A bunchload of bath salts~

I'll probably waffle on about all of the above at some stage, but none of that right now.  Thought I might just talk shit about some music stuff for now...

Lately I've been going through a serious weird music spiral.  After completely slamming my brain with Sisters of Mercy for nearly a month (when I love something - I do not let go) I have ended with a really odd void in my musical education that has found me listening to stuff I'd usually be all 'meh' about.

Case in point # 1: Lana Del Rey.
I personally have nothing against the lady, other than I find she lacks musicality - nearly as much as me.  She's pretty enough when she ain't ducklip pouting her way through life, but her music is honestly depressing samey shite to me.   Then I kept playing this one song over and over and over and over and .....

Strangely mesmerising, and admittedly kick ass in it's own little way.

Case in point # 2: Train's Drive By
I DON'T EVEN LIKE TRAIN (in fact they are fast tracking to a IRLTN entry).  Why am I listening to this song? I don't even know anymore.... I' brain ... gah.

At least there are awesome cars in the video.  Redeeming maybe?