Skin 79 vs Sasatinnie Precious Jewelry BB Creams

Thankfully my break out is finally starting to heal up, alot to do with nightly use of Bio Oil and daily use of Aveeno's Smart Essentials moisturiser I think.  But I also think steering back away from using foundation to the BB creams is a massive factor too.

I thought I'd go ahead a post some comparison notes on the two BB creams I have tried thus far. 

Skin 79 Hot Pink Super Plus BB:
- Easy pump, although hard to tell when you are actually running out.
- Packaging is a little large to just throw in your makeup bag for touchups later in the day.
- Slight gray toned cast.  I found this oxidized OK on my skin after application though, and also seemed to tone done some of my ruddiness.
- Moisturising and easy to apply.  Very buildable.
- Leaves a dewy finish (which IMHO I'm not too fond of) but sets well with powder.
- In my air conditioned office I find I'm only reaching for the blotting papers five hours in.
- No breakouts for me.  My skin seemed more refined after using it for a couple of weeks.
- Excellent sun protection.

Sasatinnie Precious Jewelry BB:
- Tube packaging, easy to tell when you're running low.
- Nice slim tube, makes it easier to carry around.  Also good control on how much you squeeze out to apply.
- Warmer, more natural, skin tone.
- I find this BB more drying than the Skin79 one.  When I apply it, it seems to 'set' quickly, making blending and layering a little more challenging.  Also unlike Skin79, the more I play with it the harder I find it to actually cover any blemishes.  It's a bit tricker application-wise.
- Semi dewy finish.  I find this sets more matte, but I still need to finish with powder as it seems slightly shimmery on my skin. 
- In my office I'm finding I need to blot 3-4 hours in. 
- No breakouts!  This BB had an uphill battle against blemishes.  The CON is that it didn't work well to cover the blemishes, and kind of stuck to them.  That said, my skin has improved alot since using it (although that would probably be also true if I had returned to using Skin79).
- Again... Excellent sun protection.

Personally I found Skin 79 to be the superior of the two.  When asked whether I would buy either of these two creams again, in Skin79's case I can definitely say yes, whereas Sasatinnie I guess I would buy again if Skin79 wasn't available, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get it again.

- Hair: Medium Blonde (although dyed dark brown atm)
- Eyes: Medium Gray Blue
- Skin: Fair, Combination, a few fine lines (32yo & blessed with our family 'young skin')
- Used during New Zealand seasons:  Skin 79 - Late Spring/Summer; Sasatinnie - Late Summer/Early Autumn.