So I was bored, then DIY Ombre hair...

I'm not someone who can be trusted left alone with hair bleach and Park Lane gin & tonic premixes.  Yeah, I know that ombre hair is so 2011, but no-one in my 'burb has been seen with it at all so WTF... let's rock that shit out.

I used Napro's Nordic Blonde lightening kit. 

Some basic facts about my hair:  Straightened Jan 2011, Relaxed June 2011 (L'Oreal salon sraightening - XTenso).  Died with drugstore/market brand hairdye dark auburn in August 2011 & touched up November 2011.  Died Blue/Black Napro Livecolor March 2012. 

So the lightening kit had it's work cut out.  I haven't trimmed my hair in ages so the ends are pretty dry right now.  My ends are a coppery red color.  I actually don't mind the shade but have bought some blonde toning conditoner to use a couple of times a week to try to keep it from verging on brassy.

I will be reblonding in a week or so, just to give the ends a gradient effect.  After trimming my ends of course.

As you can see... my straightening/relaxing is growing out rather prettily!