& Shopping Review

I thought I'd take some time out to review two stores I have recently shopped online with, both are quite popular: & is the online store of a well known cosmetic chain store in Asia.  They have an excellent range of products including health care supplements and the ever sought after bath salts.  They ship to all major countries at a pretty fair shipping rate, and due to their presence throughout Asia are quite trustworthy.

Yes is the Australian domain/site for Yes Style.  They have been around for years and had many good reviews, I've hardly come across anyone having an issue with them.  They stock a wide variety of fashion goods from across Asia (namely Korea & Japan) as well as beauty products.  Their prices are reported to be higher than those of Sasa.

So now I'll talk about my personal experiences.  Note for the price reference section I will only be comparing beauty products as Yes Style does not stock the supplements I purchased, and also they do not necessarily stock the same items so I took three popular examples.

Ordered two lots of detox supplements back in October 2013.  Using their online store is pretty straight forward as I had signed up to them previously.  Chose the option of paying with my Paypal account.
Having previously used SASA I've never had an issue with their turn around time.  You often will place an order and get confirmation of it within 24 hours - but here's where it gets frustrating.  Every time I've shopped with them it's taken an average of 4-5 working days from processing to shipping stage.  And from order time to arrival I'm looking at just under 2 working weeks.
That said, I've never had an issue with incorrect products shipped, missed items, or badly packaged goods.  Everything has arrived fine & in good order.

Ordered Tony Moly soaps, My Beauty Diary mask variety set, and Tony Moly Cat Wink Lipstick on NEW YEARS DAY.  This is important to note, as when I placed my order I was alerted to a possible delay in shipping until January 3rd.  This is what I loved - communication at that ordering level - I knew there would be a delay and could live with it.  Imagine my surprise when in the early hours of Jan 02 I received a shipping notification.  Sometimes it's those small things that matter most.  Despite the holiday period my order was on my door step within a week.  Pretty Impressive.  Arrived packaged really securely, no damage to packaging of goods, however my Tony Moly lipstick has a cheap mechanism that is out of their control LOL.

Sasa currently offers free shipping on orders $29 up US dollars to AUS/NZ/US/CA.  When I ordered it was $59 USD.
YesStyle currently offers free shipping on orders $25 AUS dollars up.  Not bad!
Both companies prepare and wrap their items excellently to minimize damage via transit - NO COMPLAINTS THERE!

Tony Moly Eggpore Shiny Soap:  SASA $13.20;   YS  $10.50
My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask 10 pc:  SASA $13.10;   YS:  $14.25 (note English pack ver.)
Skin 79 Pink BB Cream:  SASA $27.30;  YS $17.10

Overall I really do think it's up to your discretion as to which site is offering the best deals at the time.  SASA has some pretty impressive sale prices and product range, that said YesStyle has a faster turn around and pretty competitive pricing.  DO YOUR RESEARCH & COMPARE BOTH BEFORE ORDERING.   They are both trustworthy and excellent companies to deal with in an online shopping environment.  That said with my experiences so far and my personal impatience I'd be more likely to shop via YesStyle due to their turnaround time.

If anyone can reco other competitive stores for Asian cosmetics please let me know.